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What Ahmed says about the Master's in Water Resouces Engineering

Ahmed Bilal graduated with an MSc in Water Resources Engineering in 2012. He is now working as a lecturer at the University of Wah in Pakistan. This is what he has to say about his Master's studies:

"My early work experience revolved around structural design and design management. However, after about eight years of experience, I felt the need to narrow my focus and decided to do a Master’s degree in Water Resources Engineering. One of the reasons I chose water resources is my feeling that water-related problems will be our biggest challenge in the near future, and that there are not enough experts available considering the magnitude of the issue.

Thanks to my years spent at Lund University I am able to read journal articles, conduct research on riverine and coastal processes, and understand sedimentation progressions more scientifically and systematically. The high professional standard and friendly attitude of teachers and other staff at LU made my stay both challenging and enjoyable at the same time. I still enjoy having professional conversations with my supervisor and other teachers. After finishing my Master’s degree, I returned home to Pakistan and started working as a lecturer at the Engineering College at the University of Wah.

I also have plans to do PhD in a topic related to sediment transport, so that I am even better equipped to help improve our society."