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Insulin Signal Transduction

Fax number: +46 46 222 40 22
Visiting address: Sölvegatan 19, BMC C11, Lund
Our goal is to identify mechanisms that are relevant in the context of insulin resistance and diabetes / diabetes complications with focus on adipose tissue. With regards to diabetes complications, we have begun to take an interest in the inner ear, the organ of hearing and balance, many studies show namely a connection between diabetes and impaired inner ear function. At the cellular level we explore signaling systems, with the focus on the cAMP / cGMP-degrading enzymes (PDEs) and insulin signaling pathways. Insulin-mediated activation of a specific PDE, PDE3B, mediates the ability of insulin to inhibit the breakdown of fat, a key function in energy metabolism. We have recently shown that several PDEs, the insulin receptor and the insulin-sensitive glucose-transporter GLUT4 are expressed in inner ear sensory epithelia and now we wants to examine in more detail the role of these systems to understand the molecular connection between diabetes and inner ear dysfunction.