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A Strategic Decision-Making Model for Supply Chain - A Void to be Filled


  • Therese Wemnér
  • Jenny Andersson

Summary, in English

Many researchers emphasize the increasing strategic importance of supply chain management, but there is still a lack of concrete guidance for managers faced with strategic decisions in supply chain. Within decision-making theories, the rational decision-making model is the most commonly used. This because of its suitable foundation, enabling a structure to the complex decision process. The rational decision-making model is today not developed to include the aspects of strategic decision-making made in supply chain. The purpose of this research is to adjust a structured rational decision-making model, making it applicable for strategic decision-making in supply chain. An underlying objective is to test the model on a case at Sony Ericsson. A deductive approach has been used in this thesis and a single case study has been conducted. A qualitative method was used and both qualitative and quantitative data was compiled from literature studies, and interviews and documentation at the case company. A strategic decision-making model for supply chain has been created, and thereafter tested on a case at Sony Ericsson. After testing the model we conclude that the rational decision-making model, used as a foundation in our model, contains appropriate steps for decision-making. However, more flexibility is needed in the sequences of the steps to accommodate for an ever-changing and complex business environment. The theoretical content that has been added to our model can be seen as a first step in theory-building in strategic decision-making in supply chain.

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Document type

Student publication for Master's degree (one year)


  • Business and Economics


  • management
  • Företagsledning
  • Management of enterprises
  • Sony Ericsson
  • The Decisive Model
  • Decision-making model
  • Strategic decision-making
  • Supply chain management


  • Carl-Henric Nilsson (Associate Professor)