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Att skapa ett syndrom - Aspergers syndrom konstruerat enligt fyra olika diskurser


  • Alexander Karlsson
  • Emma Karis

Summary, in English

Psychiatric diagnoses are plentiful in numbers. They affect a large number of people and they are in a constant line of development. The purpose of this discourse analysis is to examine in which ways a psychiatric diagnosis may be constructed according to various discourses. Interviews were held with individuals diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, parents of individuals with Asperger Syndrome and professionals working with diagnosing Asperger Syndrome. Also analysed were texts collected from the Internet, made by and dedicated to individuals with Asperger Syndrome. The method for analysis is Foucauldian Discourse Analysis. Four discourses constructing Asperger Syndrome were found; ”bio-medicine”, the ”emancipatory”, the ”psychological” and the ”socially oriented”. The four seem to be in conflict, but can also coexist. The bio-medical discourse was found to be somewhat more dominating. The other three were found important in order to diverse the picture.

Publishing year




Document type

Student publication for professional degree (Master's level)


  • Social Sciences


  • discourse
  • psychology
  • bio-medicine
  • psychiatric diagnoses
  • Foucauldian Discourse Analysis
  • socialkonstruktionism
  • diskurser
  • emancipatorisk
  • samhällsorienterad
  • biomedicin
  • psykologi
  • psykiatriska diagnoser
  • Aspergers syndrom
  • socially oriented
  • social Constructionism
  • emancipatory


  • Margot Bengtsson (Assistent Professor)