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"Vi har nog färre lesbiska relationer på scen än vad det finns i verkligheten"

En undersökning om lesbisk representation i svensk barn- och ungdomsscenkonst


  • Paula Brante

Summary, in English

This essay aims to examine whether lesbian characters and relationships are marginalized in Swedish children- and youth theatre. Through qualitative interviews with representatives from Stockholm Stadsteater Skärholmen, ung scen/öst, Unga Klara and Backa Teater as well as case studies, the goal is not to present statistics but rather to make visible and analyze the discourse surrounding representation of sexual minorities.
Some space is given to a discussion about identity and representation, and the idea of identity as essential and natural is rebuked through queer theory and other identity theories.

Results showed that lesbians are a marginalized group in this context, and furthermore that it is of importance to a young audience to be represented and seen. The conclusion is divided; for some theatres affirmative action might be necessary to open up the stage to minority groups, for others the concepts of groups and defined sexual identities are a step backwards instead of forwards and a performative approach to gender and sexuality is of more use.


Publishing year




Document type

Student publication for Bachelor's degree


  • Performing Arts


  • Queer theory
  • lesbian
  • youth theatre
  • identity
  • performativity


  • Rikard Loman (Lektor)