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Causal Loop Diagrams – Promoting Deep Learning of Complex Systems in Engineering Education (rev 2007-05-11)

  • Hördur V. Haraldsson
  • Salim Belyazid
  • Harald U. Sverdrup
Publishing year: 2006
Language: English
Publication/Series: [Host publication title missing]
Document type: Conference paper
Publisher: Lunds Tekniska Högskola


The use of systems analysis involving tools like Causal loop diagrams and stock and flow diagrams can be shown in practical tests to greatly enhance systems insight and understanding of the dynamic behaviour of complex systems. Whereas many students may have difficulty understanding what a coupled system of differential equations really do, systems analysis creates such insights even to those with differentiofobia. Within the systems analysis course given at LUMES, we have extensive experience in teaching systems analysis and the use of CLD and SFDs to people of different backgrounds, and also seen how technical problems in engineering have a great help in using CLD and SFDs to explain and communicate insight into complex systems to non-technical people


  • Engineering and Technology
  • complex systems
  • systems thinking
  • systems analysis
  • SoTL


LTHs 4:e pedagogiska inspirationskonferens, 2006