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Snabba cash - En kritisk granskning av snabblån.


  • Evelina Magnusson

Summary, in English

This thesis is a critical study of ”snabblån”, and the laws and regulations that regulate this legal
area. ”Snabblån” is a relativity new occurrence on the Swedish market, the first companies came
2006. After this, the number of companies, that offered this kind of small credit over a short
duration, grows rapidly. At first this area was basically unregulated. The companies did not fall
under the supervision of ”finansinstitutet”, like banks and other financial institute do. The credit in
itself did not fall under the laws of the previous ”konsumentkreditlagen”. This meant that the
market was almost completely unregulated. The large numbers of applications for payment that the
KFM received, led to a lot of media attention, and in conjunction with the incorporation of a new
EU directive, the ”riksdag” chose to introduce some regulation on the companies, that gave these
small credits. However the new laws faltered in giving the authority, charged with the supervision,
any sanctions to enforce the new laws, and the problems persisted. At this moment two different
proposals on new regulations, the will overcome these problems, is out on referral. These will give
the authorities, which are charged with the supervision, with the ability to deiced on proper
sanctions for the companies. However the conclusion of this thesis is that also this new proposal is
poorly substantiated, and lacks provisions on what is expected of the companies to fulfill the
requirement of good and sound credit. It also lacks a clear line between different authorities, and
their respective regulatory areas. This makes the law unclear and the praxis of it arbitrary.


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Document type

Student publication for Bachelor's degree


  • Law and Political Science


  • Förmögenhetsrätt
  • civilrätt
  • SMSlån
  • snabblån
  • rättsekonomi


  • Sacharias Votinius