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Contribution of the European Union in Combating Terrorism in Peru from 1993 to 2013


  • Isabelle Nilsson

Summary, in Swedish

This thesis investigates how the EU has contributed in combating terrorism in Peru. The thesis focuses on the terrorist group Sendero Luminoso during the years 1993-2013. It also investigates why terrorism in Peru should be of concern for the EU and if Sendero Luminoso should be considered a threat today. The theories used are securitization theories developed by Barry Buzan and Ole Weaver, as well as a theory developed by Sven Biscop. The method applied in the thesis is a literature review with a primary source analysis. The treaties have been analyzed with a frequency analysis. The historical information has been applied to the information found in the treaties to find if there are any explanations to why the treaties made between the EU and Peru have been focusing on terrorism more some years than others. During the years of 2001-2005 the focus on terrorism was significantly bigger than other years. There are different opinions regarding whether Sendero Luminoso should be considered a threat today but there are many factors that point to their being in fact a threat. As the remaining parts of Sendero Luminoso have ventured into illicit drug trafficking, it is of concern for both Peru and Europe. If the EU continues its cooperation with Peru as a part of its foreign policy, acknowledging that it could improve international relations and the security situation, it could contribute to combating terrorism in Peru.


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Document type

Student publication for Bachelor's degree


  • Social Sciences


  • Keywords: Terrorism
  • Peru
  • European Union
  • Sendero Luminoso
  • International security.


  • Magdalena Gora