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Promotion of Regionalism and Regional Identity in the Oresund Region


  • Christoffer Olsson

Summary, in English

This study investigates how regionalism and regional identity is perceived and promoted in the Oresund region including a specific focus on Malmö, particularly from the perspective of the Oresund committee as an actor. The relevance of this focus is sanctioned by reported growth of regionalism in the Oresund region, and the sparse amount of research in whether organizations and their work could be a contributing factor in this development.

This study was conducted by utilizing a series of reformatted survey questions and applying them on the information published by the Oresund committee so as to elicit what their viewpoint on regionalism and regional identity is in the Oresund region. This potentially subjective viewpoint is then put in contrast to arguably more objective scholarly research on regionalism and regional identity.

The investigation showed indications of that the Oresund committee attests that adopting an Oresund identity while living in the Oresund region generates a vast amount of economical and social possibilities, and clear disadvantages when not doing so. However, the discussion also revealed that there were a few potential warning signs. These indicated that development of Oresund or Scania regionalism may impede one another and that a social and political chasm may evolve.


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Document type

Student publication for Bachelor's degree


  • Social Sciences


  • coexistence
  • promotion
  • integration
  • regionalism
  • Oresund region
  • Europé
  • Öresundsregionen


  • Mattias Nowak