Increasing Customer Experience in e-Commerce Packaging

Utveckling av e-handelsförpackningar för att öka kundupplevelsen


Summary, in English

The e-commerce market is growing explosively and the competition between retailers grows larger every day. Companies will have to step up their offers in order to keep customers, and one way to do this is to improve their packaging. The main goal of this master’s thesis is to develop a proposal for an e-commerce packaging with an improved customer experience for the online clothing retailer

To obtain knowledge about what the market offers and what the customers’ needs are, a three-part study was conducted. First, a benchmark study was performed where 25 retailers with a similar product range as were examined. A customer analysis was also conducted. This consisted of a survey and interviews with people in’s target group. They were asked about their online shopping habits and their thoughts on existing e-commerce packaging. The company’s current packaging was examined and evaluated to expose shortcomings and make improvements.

The results of the study were analyzed and, after compiling all needs for the new packaging concept in a functional analysis, about a hundred ideas were produced. After several selection procedures, one idea stood out as the best and was therefore chosen. This concept went on to further development and a prototype was made. The idea was presented in text and illustrations and a final analysis was made to evaluate how well the concept covered the needs set out in the functional analysis.


  • Technology and Engineering


  • e-commerce
  • Packaging
  • customer experience
  • customer value
  • clothing


  • Klas Hjort (Postdok)