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Det finns inget fullständigt oblandat språk* En undersökning av italienska låneord i det arabiska tungomålet


  • Karl Bjur

Summary, in English

This is a bachelor’s degree level study, written in Swedish, which has studied the phonological changes occurring during adoption of Italian words into the Arabic language, studying loanwords observed in the dictionary A dictionary of modern written Arabic edited by J. Milton Cowan compiled by
Hans Wehr. The focus of the study has been upon the realization of non-native consonants and vowels, pharyngealization of consonants, changes regarding foreign vowels and gemination in addition to observations regarding consonant clusters not native to Arabic during transferal of the words from Italian to Arabic


Publishing year




Document type

Student publication for Bachelor's degree


  • Languages and Literatures


  • Hans
  • Wehr
  • Arabic
  • Phonological
  • Loan
  • Realization
  • Italian
  • Arabiska
  • Italienska
  • Fonologi
  • Morfologi
  • Lånord
  • Dialekt
  • Faryngalisering
  • kultur


  • Lena Ambjörn (Professor)