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Problematiska beskrivningar av grammatik: En studie om läromedels beskrivningar av grammatik och svensklärares reaktioner på dessa

Problematic Descriptions of Grammar: A Study of Textbooks’ Descriptions of Grammar and Swedish Teachers’ Reactions to These.


  • Erik Bandh

Summary, in English

The present study’s overarching aim was to examine how grammar is described in textbooks today, and what consequences this might have for teachers and students in the courses Swedish 1 and Swedish 2, in upper-secondary education. To accomplish this, the study was divided into two separate methods: First, an examination of how grammar is described in different textbooks was conducted. After that, an interview study was conducted in which active teachers of Swedish was given an opportunity to react to the examination of the textbooks. The results of the textbook examination showed that the textbooks contained many problematic descriptions of grammar, all of which, in different ways, hindered students’ processes of understanding the structure of the Swedish language and their progress through Josefsson & Lundins (2017) threshold concepts within grammar. In addition, the textbooks showed a lack of coherent connections between the conveyed grammatical knowledge and a development of the students’ own writing abilities. The results of the interviews showed a mistrust in textbooks in the informants, and different difficulties that arose in their teaching of grammar because of this. The informants felt forced to use their own material in their teaching of grammar and requested textbooks that could assist them in the process of connecting their teaching of grammar to a development of their students’ writing. In the informants’ reactions to the textbook examination, a united wish for a more rigid and coherent external inspection of textbooks was finally expressed.

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Document type

Student publication for Master's degree (two years)


  • Languages and Literatures


  • Grammatik
  • Tröskelbegrepp
  • Läromedel
  • Språkstruktur
  • Språkets hierarkiska dimension
  • Grammar
  • Threshold concepts
  • Textbooks
  • Language structure
  • Syntax The Hierarchic Dimension of Language


  • Katarina Lundin (Docent i nordiska språk)