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¿Fiera salvaje o flan de coco? — un estudio sobre la construcción metafórica de género en letras de reguetón común y feminista

A Wild Beast or a Sweet Dessert? — a study on metaphorical construction of gender in mainstream and feminist reggaeton lyrics


  • Johanna Hagner

Summary, in English

This paper examines the role of metaphor in the construction of femininity, masculinity and sexuality in the lyrics of the Latin American Music genre reggaeton. Based on a selected corpus of the lyrical content of two groups of material: mainstream reggaeton and the trending feminist reggaeton, the study takes an interdisciplinary approach combining cognitive linguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis and the gender perspective. In the thesis, it is argued that animal metaphors and gastronomic metaphors play a significant role in the transmission of gender ideas in the researched lyrics. It is argued that in mainstream reggaeton, these metaphors tend to have a focus on women and on the physical and seductive aspect of femininity. Feminist reggaeton, on the other hand, is characterized by more variety in its conceptualizations. In this group of material, seductive interaction also plays an important role; however, the female self-portrait and the resistance to heterosexual and patriarchal norms take a greater focus. Likewise, it is emphasized that in the metaphorical construction of homosexual love among women, the feminist reggaeton tends to have more similarities with the conceptualizations in the mainstream reggaeton.


Publishing year




Document type

Student publication for Master's degree (one year)


  • Languages and Literatures


  • reguetón
  • reguetón feminista
  • Análisis Crítico de la Metáfora
  • metáforas conceptuales
  • metáforas gastronómicas
  • metáforas de comida
  • metáforas animales
  • metáforas
  • género
  • música
  • reggaeton
  • feminist reggaeton
  • Critical Metaphor Analysis
  • conceptual metaphors
  • food metaphors
  • animal metaphors
  • metaphors
  • gender
  • music


  • Carlos Henderson (Research fellow)