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Tidsresor i klassrummet : fanfiction som bearbetningssätt av skönlitteratur på gymnasiet


  • Sammy Vallgren

Summary, in English

Translated title: Time-travel in the classroom – Fanfiction as a way to process fiction in upper secondary school.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the use of fanfiction as a way to process fiction in upper secondary school courses Swedish 2 and Swedish 3. To reach this aim students have been writing fanfiction based on a short story. I have then examined the students texts to see what they chose to mimic, what that can tell about their literacy and how it develops. I have also, via a form, examined what the students think about writing fanfiction and what they thought they have developed. The result of the form shows that most of them found it fun and rewarding to write fanfiction. Many of them said that they developed different abilities within the Swedish language, even though they didn’t get teaching within these aspects. It is also clear that a fanfiction text can show someone’s literacy, both regarding how to express oneself in written text and how capable someone is to interpret and decipher fiction. This is shown both in what the students chose to mimic and how close they are to the original text. The conclusion is that fanfiction is a good way to process fiction in upper secondary school.

Publishing year




Document type

Student publication for Master's degree (two years)


  • Languages and Literatures


  • fanfiction
  • litterär kompetens
  • läsarskribent
  • fanfictionprocess
  • skrivdiskurser
  • läsa
  • kreativt skrivande
  • skriva
  • svenska språket
  • svenskundervisning


  • Bibi Jonsson (Professor)