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Heme - Improving the Menstrual Disc


  • Christina Zhou

Summary, in English

For this 15 credits bachelor project in industrial design I focused on menstruation, a biological function that occurs to half of the population. I explored the disposable and reusable period care products on the mar- ket today and how many products an average menstruating person will consume and their environmental impact. This led me to the idea of de- signing an internal reusable period care product. My brief for this pro- ject was to improve the silicone menstrual disc. Based on a survey of people’s menstrual habits and choices I wanted to create a menstrual disc that was had improved features compared to existing reusable men- strual discs and menstrual cups. Throughout this project I learned how to cast silicone in 3D printed molds to make my prototypes. Besides the menstrual disc itself a storage container was also designed. The end re- sult of this project is my silicone menstrual disc Heme and its ceramic container that can be used for both storage and sterilizing.


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Diploma work

Document type

Student publication for Bachelor's degree


  • Arts and Architecture
  • Technology and Engineering

Report number

ISRN: LUT-DVIDE/ EX--18/50432-SE


  • Anna Persson
  • Jasjit Singh
  • Charlotte Sjödell
  • Claus-Christian Eckhardt


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