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Elsäkerhet och Riskhantering - Praktik, regleringar och vetenskapliga teorier för säkrare arbete på elanläggningar


  • Jacob Larsson

Summary, in English

When planning for electrical installation work it is suggested in ESA, Elsäkerhetsanvisningarna, to conduct some sort of risk assessment both before and during the work to maintain a certain electrical safety level. These risk assessments vary between different companies both in quality and method, but the aim is the same. One of the issues arise from the fact that risk assessment in ESA is not specified and the companies themselves are responsible for the methods used. Without proper education in risk management combined with the general idea that risk assessment is time consuming, the use of risk management is not used to its fullest capacity.

The purpose of this thesis is to evaluate the approach to risk management in a selection of a few companies together with the understanding of the contents of ESA and how it is used. By analysing the companies from a Safety I, Safety II and Human, Technological and Organizational perspective a conclusion can be made of where improvements are possible. One conclusion is that ESA is essential for future changes of the electrical safety as companies rely on ESA and its methods. Another conclusion is that companies also should incorporate a decentralised Safety II perspective where trust and support build the foundation for safer electrical work.

Publishing year




Document type

Student publication for Master's degree (two years)


  • Technology and Engineering


  • Riskanalys
  • riskhantering
  • elsäkerhet
  • transformatorstation
  • ställverk
  • Safety I
  • Safety II
  • MTO
  • ESA


  • Jonas Johansson (Dr.)
  • Olof Samuelsson (Dr.)