"En pedagogisk fuling" : svensklärares syn på bedömning av multimodala texter

“A pedagogical trick” : Swedish teachers’ perspective on assessment of multimodal texts


Summary, in English

The purpose of this study is to elucidate what it is that obstructs Swedishteachers assessment of multimodal texts since inadequate assessments hinders students from developing their digital competence and excludes students’ textworlds.

In order to find these assessment obstructions we interviewed six upper-secondary Swedishteachers about their assessment strategies in regards to multimodal texts and what prerequisites each of them would need in order to improve their current assessment situation. The results were analyzed with the help of Cultural-Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) and curriculum theory to measure how components on a local level and the systemic level interact and affect each other.

Teachers were shown to have a good understanding of multimodal texts and how to utilize them while teaching, however assessment of student-made multimodal texts were much more difficult since the current grading criteria did not provide enough help to assess a text with multimodal qualities.

This study found a disconnect between the local and systemic level, forcing teachers to find their own strategies in order to include and assess multimodal texts. Improving assessment tools on the systemic level would assist in multimodal text assessment and create more opportunities to help students develop their digital competencies and encourage lifelong learning.


  • Languages and Literatures


  • multimodala texter
  • bedömning
  • läroplansteori
  • multiliteracies
  • Cultural-Historical Activity Theory
  • gymnasieskolan
  • svenskämnet


  • Anders Marklund (Ph D)