På tal om bilden

Speaking of images


Summary, in English

The purpose of this thesis is to deepen the understanding of how a rhetorical perspective on pictures can promote the work of upper secondary school teachers in the Swedish subject. The thesis was based on an experienced lack of a scientific base to anchor the image in the Swedish subject. The study focused more specifically on Swedish teacher´s work with images today, and what the rhetorical perspective on the picture could offer Swedish teacher’s teaching and work. Qualitative interviews were chosen as the methodology and comprises of four interviews with active Swedish teachers. The interviews focused on teacher’s reflections of their own work with images, and how images work in society. Collected data was analyzed according to content analysis and mainly perspectives on rhetorical science applied to the informant´s reflections. The thesis primarily comes to three conclusions. Firstly, all informants are working with pictures in the Swedish subject today. Secondly, today, there is no common scientific base which can be related to the teacher’s work with images. Finally, it can be concluded that the rhetoric's perspective on the picture can offer a new tool for Swedish teachers to understand and talk about pictures. This thesis expresses the need of an applied and scientific basis for the teacher’s work with pictures, and proposes the meta language of rhetoric as a useful tool


  • Languages and Literatures


  • bilder
  • gymnasiet
  • metaspråk
  • retorik
  • svenskämnet


  • Anders Sigrell (Prof.)