La joie d'apprendre des langues étrangères - Le français au lycée suédois


Summary, in English

The present study examines in a quantitative and qualitative manner the foreign language enjoyment (FLE), and partially foreign language anxiety (FLCA), in the specific context of highschool students in Sweden. The 108 participants have completed a survey of 18 quantitative components (Likert scales). Three open questions asking to describe episodes during their French classes where they felt enjoyment(/joy) or anxiety(/worry), as well as suggesting how French teachers can boost FLE were also used. The quantitative results show similar tendencies to previous research in other countries. The qualitative results put forward the social side of FLE with an emphasis on a relaxed, inclusive and fun atmosphere originating from everyone in the group and not only the teacher.


  • Languages and Literatures


  • la joie d’apprendre des langues étrangères
  • l'anxiété langagière
  • français au lycée en Suède
  • FLE
  • foreign language enjoyment


  • Malin Ågren