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Ett steg i riktning mot memoria


  • Albert Niklasson

Summary, in English

This study has aimed to explore the rhetorical potential that hip hope poetry, rap, could possess
in classroom contexts. The study is interested in its effectiveness as a memory strategy, but also
its potential as a media to convey knowledge. Through an overall analysis of the concepts of
rhetoric and hip hop, this is made visible and then investigated through autoenographic action
research. The research lasted for a week and has taken up four Swedish lessons at a school in
southern Sweden. The selection consisted of a class of eighteen students in year eight and a
qualified subject teacher. Collected empiricism consists of a qualitative interview, a
questionnaire, a test, a full-class discussion and the work that the students managed to perform.
The results suggest and could be interpreted as that rap can act as a motivating and studentoriented
task in order to convey rhetorical knowledge. Students have proven during the course
of the study that they have embraced and now possess this knowledge, but that memoria would
be strongly linked to ethos has not been proven in its entirety. The hope is that this study will
serve as a basis and give rise to future attempts to ascertain the truth about the potential of rap
as an ethos-enhancing strategy for the memoria part of the partes model

Publishing year




Document type

Student publication for Master's degree (one year)


  • Languages and Literatures


  • retorik
  • hip hop
  • rap
  • memoria
  • etos
  • delectare
  • autoetnografi
  • aktionsforskning


  • Anders Sigrell (Prof.)