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Digitala hjälpmedel eller stjälpmedel?

Digital tools or digital fools?


  • Josefin Skanum

Summary, in English

The purpose of this essay is to elucidate how teachers of the Swedish subject in upper secondary school view working with digital tools and presentation-technical aids in the classroom.

The study is made using qualitative methods based upon eight semi-structured interviews with eight certified upper secondary school teachers who are currently teaching the Swedish subject.

The study shows that Swedish-subject teachers generally have a positive attitude towards digital tools and presentation-technical aids in the classroom. However, they also feel that digital tools can have a negative effect on the teaching as it in some cases works as a major distraction to students when it comes to their ability to focus during class. Furthermore, the teachers do not get the impression that the students gain an increase in motivation by using digital tools.

Moreover, the study shows that teachers of the Swedish subject rarely have any specific routines in their teaching for how to educate students in using digital tools and presentationtechnical aids. The reason why teachers choose not to educate the students in how to use the digital tools is because of the expectations that the teachers have on the students with regards to their basic digital competence, something that they assume that students have been taught in primary school. The fact that Swedish-subject teachers do not routinely educate students in developing their digital competence does not correlate with how the teachers’ view their own digital competence.

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Document type

Student publication for Master's degree (two years)


  • Languages and Literatures


  • digitala verktyg
  • digital kompetens
  • presentationstekniska hjälpmedel
  • undervisning
  • IKT digital tools
  • digital competence
  • presentation-technical aids
  • education
  • ICT


  • Sanna Skärlund (Senior lecturer)