Linnaeus research environments

In Lund, our focus is increasingly on interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research. Collaborations within the University have developed as an answer to the question of how researchers can solve the increasingly complex problems permeating society.

Evidence that our efforts have paid off is the awarding of the Swedish Research Council's Linnaeus funding of around SEK 900 million to 14 research environments at Lund University. This means that Lund is the university with by far the most Linnaeus environments in Sweden.

About the Linnaeus funding

The aim of the Linnaeus funding is “to increase Sweden’s international competitiveness” by guaranteeing strong research environments from all fields between SEK 5 million and SEK 10 million annually over a ten-year period.

Universities and other higher education institutions nominate strong research environments within the fields that they prioritise in their strategies. With the Linnaeus funding, direct government funding is distributed directly to the selected research fields instead of centrally to the higher education institutions.

Direct government funding has been awarded in this way twice (in 2006 and 2008). In 2006, Lund was awarded an impressive eight out of a total of 20 Linnaeus grants. In 2008, Lund was awarded six of 20 grants. The Linnaeus grants are awarded jointly by the Swedish Research Council Formas and the Swedish Research Council. Applications are evaluated entirely by international experts.

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