LU Futura Think-Tank

With research conducted at nine different faculties, Lund University has a unique opportunity to look at future problems from all possible perspectives. LU Futura, the University’s new think-tank, will take an interdisciplinary approach to important future issues.

The LU Futura think-tank operates in the interface between the University and wider society. Using the University’s collective expertise as a basis, LU Futura aims to contribute facts, analyses and corroborative knowledge.

The LU Futura team

The LU Futura Team

Our thoughts on the future

Which future issues are we passionate about? And why do we think these issues are worth examining from an interdisciplinary perspective?

Read more about the LU Futura team members in a news article published after the launch in 2018

An academic think-tank

Through its breadth, with representatives from all of the University’s faculties as well as students, LU Futura sets itself apart from previous think-tanks and future-oriented groups within the academic world.

Futura Conversations

Our Futura Conversations are dialogue meetings on current affairs to which the think-tank’s researchers invite experts, journalists or other people engaged in a specific issue. 

Please contact ulrika [dot] oredsson [at] kommunikation [dot] lu [dot] se if you have a suggestion for a topic to address in a Futura Conversation.

Contact information

Lynn Åkesson
lynn [dot] akesson [at] kultur [dot] lu [dot] se

Marie Cronqvist
marie [dot] cronqvist [at] kom [dot] lu [dot] se

Ulrika Oredsson
ulrika [dot] oredsson [at] kommunikation [dot] lu [dot] se

Exhibition Carbon Ruins


Previous events

Futura Conversation #5 – 5 November 2019
On land use, biodiversity and climate change.

Lecture series: future working life
24 Sep, 16 Oct, 6 Nov

Future Week
14–20 October

Lund Comedy Festival – 29 August 2019:
On the art of predicting the future and our (environmental) actions.

Futura Conversation #4 – 27 August 2019:
On languages testing and citizenship – see article (in Swedish)

Futura Conversation #3 – 10 June 2019:
Climate conversation in Sydsvenskan

Futura Conversation #2 – 7 March 2019:
Climate conversation with journalists – see the Futura blog (in Swedish)

Futura Conversation #1 – 9 October 2018:

Climate change in Skåne (in Swedish)