Coronavirus FAQ – incoming exchange students

This FAQ will be updated regularly throughout autumn 2020. Due to new regulations and directives from the Swedish Government, and new decisions taken regularly at the University, we cannot always answer your questions and many answers will change over time. Please check back regularly for updates!

The FAQ was last updated on 8 September 2020. 

General questions about Lund University 


Is Lund University open? 

Lund University is open. On 29 May, the Swedish Government announced that the previous recommendation that universities should conduct education online should end on 15 June 2020. This meant that studies could be, with necessary restrictions, conducted on campus during autumn 2020. Following these guidelines, a decision from Lund University was made on 11 June regarding the education in autumn 2020. This decision stated that education may be conducted on campus, as long as the Government's restrictions and guidelines were followed. It was up to the Dean of each faculty to decide how education would be conducted at their faculty during autumn 2020. The autumn semester started on 31 August 2020 and admitted students have been informed about how their specific studies will be conducted during the autumn semester.

What precautions has Lund University taken to keep its students safe? 

Lund University has formed the Lund University Crisis Management Group to continuously monitor the situation concerning Covid-19. The University’s Crisis Management Group is currently having daily meetings to manage overall issues connected with the virus outbreak. The University is in consultation with regional authorities, such as the region’s Centre for Communicable Disease Control and is following updates from the Swedish Government, the Swedish Public Health Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant authorities. 

The risks in society related to the coronavirus are constantly changing, as the spread of the virus goes through different stages globally, in Europe and in Sweden. Lund University is following the Government’s and Swedish Public Health Authority’s recommendations regarding measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, as they are announced. 

Lund University has announced several official decisions and measures in relation to the coronavirus situation so far. 

See the University's decisions and measures

Questions related to the education 


Will Lund University accept incoming exchange students for spring 2021?

The admissions process remains unchanged and Lund University can accept incoming exchange students.

What happens if I cannot come to Lund on time at the start of the spring semester? 

Make sure to stay in contact with your exchange coordinator about your situation. Some courses may be able to accept students arriving slightly late, but this depends both on the structure of the courses and on how the specific course will be taught in spring.

I am not sure if I want to come to Sweden now due to the risks. I need more time to think about it, can I decide later?

If you are an accepted exchange student and later change your mind about coming to Lund in spring, make sure to inform both your exchange coordinator at Lund University and at you home university. If you have applied for housing, make sure to inform your housing provider. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you can postpone your exchange studies to autumn 2021, since it is a matter of capacity.

Will the courses I apply for start as planned in spring 2021 and will studies be classroom-based or distance learning at the start of the spring semester?

The spring semester 2021 is planned to start normally on 18 January 2021. Lund University is working to ensure that the best possible education and study situation will be provided. 

At this stage, we cannot say if the studies will be conducted partly or fully online or if they will be campus-based. Most courses have only planned the education for the autumn 2020 semester with the recommendations and restrictions that are in place now. Please check back here again for any updates later during the autumn semester.

I don’t feel safe to travel to Sweden and Lund University yet, can I start my exchange via distance education?

A decision was made by Lund University on 11 June 2020 stating that education could be conducted on campus in autumn 2020, as long as the restrictions and guidelines from the Government and the Public Health Agency were followed. In general, admitted students were therefore expected to arrive on campus by the start of the autumn 2020 semester. At this point, it is too soon to say what the situation will be for spring 2021 studies or if any new restrictions or guidelines will be introduced later this year. Therefore, please check back here for any updates later during the semester and stay in contact with your exchange coordinator regarding your specific studies.

Can I defer and start my studies in autumn 2021? 

There is unfortunately no guarantee at this point that you can postpone your exchange studies to autumn 2021, as it is a matter of capacity. We can therefore not make any decisions about postponements until later on.

However, if you despite the uncertainty want to try to change exchange semester you must first contact the exchange coordinator at your home university and ask them if they can change your nomination to the autumn semester instead.

Due to the coronavirus, I will not be/was not able to complete all my courses on time. Can I be accepted to courses at Lund University even if I don’t fulfil prerequisites for the courses I am interested in taking?

In order to be able to accepted to courses at Lund University in spring, you must fulfil the prerequisites by the time the courses start. You must also be able to submit a transcript of records to prove that you are eligible for the course.

Practical questions (flights, arrival, orientation, housing) 


Will I be able to enter Sweden? 

On 17 March 2020, all Schengen Area Member States approved a plan proposed by the EU Commission to close the external borders of the territory, for a period of at least 30 days, as the most extreme measure taken by the block to halt the further spreading of Covid-19. 

The travel ban was affecting all non-EU nationals during this time period, except long-term residents, family members of EU nationals and diplomats, cross-border and healthcare workers, and people transporting goods. The entry ban has been extended several times. The entry ban for Sweden is now valid until 30 October 2020. However, with the decision to extend this entry ban and following the EU Commission's recommendations, certain nationals and people with essential need or function in Sweden will be exempted from this entry restriction. This includes people coming to study in Sweden. See more information on the Government website here.

This means that admitted non-EU students will be able to enter Sweden to start their studies.

Can I fly to Copenhagen Airport (in Denmark) to come to Sweden and Lund in autumn?

Yes, students who are going to study at Lund University are generally recommended to fly to Copenhagen Airport, as it is the nearest international airport. It is allowed to transit through Denmark, even with the current EU travel restrictions if you have a worthy cause (such as studying in Sweden). More information is available here on the Danish police website.

If I am from a country whose citizens do not need a visa to enter the EU (Schengen area), can I come to Sweden before the validity period of my residence permit starts?

No, we do not recommend trying to enter Sweden before the start date of your permit. If you do, there is a high risk that the border police will not let you enter.

My partner/spouse is coming with me to Sweden, but he/she is not a student. Can he/she still enter with me?

If your family member has a residence permit to join you in Sweden, he/she should be able to enter during the permit validity period, as Swedish residence permit holders are exempt from the entry ban. However, if your family member is planning to come only for a short visit (not on a residence permit), they will most likely not be allowed to enter as long as the entry ban is in place.

When should I buy my tickets? 

Due to uncertainty both globally and locally, we recommend that you wait as long as possible with booking your trip to Lund University. When booking any tickets, we encourage you to select rebookable/refundable tickets, as the situation may change rapidly. 

Will you be arranging the Arrival Day and Orientation Weeks as per normal? 

At this stage we have not yet finalised any plans for the spring 2021 Arrival Day and Orientation Weeks. However, we did organise Arrival Days and Orientation Weeks for autumn 2020 with the necessary restrictions and we hope to be able to do the same for spring 2021.

See more information about the Arrival Days and Orientation Weeks

Is it safe to stay in a corridor room? How do you ensure that no student in the corridor has the virus?

As in all places where you are around other people, we recommend social distancing for as long as the virus continues to spead. This applies both when you live in a corridor and anywhere else where people may gather. Anyone who has any symptoms, such as a cold, a fever or a cough, should self-quarantine, regardless of their living arrangements. 

What happens if I change my mind and no longer want to have the LU Accommodation (LUAcc) room that I have applied for? Can I get my deposit of SEK 2000 back?

Even if you have accepted a room offer and paid the deposit, you can change your mind and get the deposit back, as long as you inform LU Accommodation at the latest on the day before the start of the contract.

It is important that you apply for accommodation, accept your offer – if you get one – and pay the required deposit. However, please remember to inform LU Accommodation as soon as possible if your plans have changed.

When it comes to other landlords, other regulations may apply.

General questions about Sweden

Will it be safe for me to come to Sweden in spring 2021? 

Swedish authorities are following the spread of the coronavirus very carefully and are working tirelessly to keep Sweden and its residents safe. The best way to follow developments regarding the virus is to refer to the WHO website and the ECDC website. There are currently travel restrictions in place for foreign nationals travelling to Sweden. We will keep you updated regarding changes in these restrictions during the pre-arrival phase. Please also stay updated by checking emergency information from Swedish authorities. 

How widespread is the coronavirus in Sweden? 

The total number of individuals who have tested positive for the Covid-19 virus in Sweden is being tracked at the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s website, which is updated daily. Numbers change every day, as testing proceeds and new cases are reported. The largest concentration of infected individuals is in the Stockholm region. 

How widespread is the coronavirus on Lund University campuses in Lund, Malmö and Helsingborg?

For the number of confirmed cases in Skåne (our region of the country), please visit the Public Health Agency of Sweden website. Due to strict patient confidentiality laws in Sweden, the exact number of confirmed cases at Lund University is unknown.

What precautions has Sweden taken to keep its population safe? 

The Swedish Government and government authorities are taking new measures on a daily basis. New measures will be taken as necessary. So far, the measures include cancelling gatherings of more than 50 people, introducing travel restrictions to Sweden and transitioning high school and higher education studies to distance learning. A ban on visitors to homes for the elderly has also been implemented. In addition, public announcements are made regularly, instructing the public how to stay safe and how to best protect the elderly and other risk groups. Those who can are asked to work from home. Swedish authorities are collaborating closely and working proactively to prepare our healthcare system to ensure that it will have the capacity to offer care to infected individuals who need it. 

Will I be able to get healthcare in Sweden? Will I have to pay for it? 

Yes, all incoming exchange students will have insurance provided by the Swedish Government, called Student IN. Visits to a health clinic generally cost from SEK 120 to SEK 400. 

Read more about the Student IN insurance