Exchange studies

Courses for exchange students

For international exchange students Lund University offers more than 300 courses, taught in English, across the departments and faculties.

Being able to study these courses as part of an exchange depends on the following factors:

  • The type of agreement between your home university and Lund University (e.g. a university-wide agreement or a specific faculty or department level exchange agreement)
  • Whether you meet the specific admission requirements of the courses
  • Places available on the courses

In general, if you meet the admission requirements and there are places available you can study the course of your interest at Lund University as an exchange student! 

In addition to the range of courses taught at our various departments and faculties, most exchange students also have access to the following:

  • Special Area Studies ("SAS")– specially designed courses available for exchange students which given an insight into Scandinavian and European cultural interest areas.
  • Introductory Swedish language courses ("SUSA") – specially designed courses for exchange students to give an introduction to Swedish language.
  • Continued Swedish language courses ("SVE")

Faculty links

The courses and programmes database contains information on most of the courses in English available at Lund University. Some of the courses are only available for exchange students and information on these can be found on the faculty websites:

Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Science (incl. Mathematics)
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Social Sciences
School of Economics & Management
Faculties of Humanities and Theology
The Malmö Academy of Music
Special Area Studies (SAS courses) 
Swedish Language Courses for exchange students (SVE-courses) 


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