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Det är inte normalt! En enkätundersökning om socionomstudenters kunskap om olika sexualiteter.

  • Lizette Holmlund P Szabo
  • Minna Niskasaari
Publishing year: 2010
Language: Swedish
Document type: Student publication for Bachelor's degree


”It is not normal” A survey about social work students knowledge about different sexualities.

The purpose of this study was to examine Swedish social work students thoughts what extent they had knowledge about homosexual and bisexual living conditions. The study also aimed to examine heteronormativity in the University education for Social workers.
Earlier research shows that there is little or none education about this subject at the Social work programmes around the country. Studies about homosexual parents and their children show that the children in these families do not have a higher risk of getting social problems or being bullied. Earlier research also shows that social welfare secretaries almost always assume that the client is heterosexual and that the social welfare secretaries think that this is an accepted behaviour. Due to these earlier studies we wanted to find out if social work students at Lund University tend to have the same view in these matters. To gather this information we decided to hand out questionnairies to 126 randomly chosen students at Campus Helsingborg. We also used earlier research, a theory called the Queertheory and the analytical software SPSS to analyse our data from the questionnairies. Our study showed that the students seemed to have a lack of knowledge in this subject. We base this thesis on the answers on some of the questions in our questionnairy. Most answers indicated that further education is needed in this subject to minimize the heteronormative attitude that apparently exists among the participating students.



  • Social Sciences
  • adoption.
  • bisexuality
  • social work students
  • Heteronormativity
  • homosexuality
  • queertheory


  • Staffan Blomberg (associated professor)