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WATCH: Solar cells help purify water in remote areas

Thanks to an innovative energy-saving water purification plant rural areas in Bangladesh are now being able to access safe drinking water. Photo: K. M. Persson Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have developed a water purification plant that provides clean water far beyond the reach of the electrical grid – thanks to solar cells. With the help of Nobel Peace Prize recipient Muhammad Yunus, these small and portable solar cell stations have now been placed across rural Bangladesh.

WATCH: Barley helps improve blood sugar levels and reduce appetite

Researcher Anne Nilsson cutting barley bread at her lab. Photo: Kennet Ruona A recent study from Lund University in Sweden shows that barley can rapidly improve people’s health by reducing blood sugar levels and the risk for diabetes. The secret lies in the special mixture of dietary fibres found in barley, which can also help reduce people’s appetite and risk for cardiovascular disease.

Signs of early settlement in the Nordic region date back to the cradle of civilisation

Osteologist Adam Boethius (fourth from the left) The discovery of the world’s oldest storage of fermented fish in southern Sweden could rewrite the Nordic prehistory with findings indicating a far more complex society than previously thought. The unique discovery by osteologist Adam Boethius from Lund University was made when excavating a 9,200 year-old settlement at what was once a lake in Blekinge, Sweden.

WATCH: Students invent alarm that protects your unattended bag

Bo Möller shows of new alarm design that protects bags from getting stolen Leave your bag unsupervised without running the risk of thieves stealing it? That could be the case as a unique idea of a small, high-tech alarm from Master's students at Lund University is now coming to life.

Minority of cancer cells affect the growth and metastasis of tumours

New research findings support better understanding of the different types of cancer cells in tumours. Photo: Kennet Ruona New research shows that a small minority of cancer cells in neuroendocrine tumours of the pancreas contribute to the overall growth and metastasis of the tumour. This discovery was made by a research group at Lund University, in collaboration with researchers at Karolinska Institutet, in Sweden.

Bile acid supports the production of blood stem cells

Kenichi Miharada from Department of Laboratory Medicine Lund A research group at Lund University has been able to show that bile acid is transferred from the mother to the foetus via the placenta to enable the foetus to produce blood stem cells.

Birds' magnetic compass is affected by polarised light - study

Zebra finch in front of tray The magnetic compass that birds use for orientation is affected by polarised light. This previously unknown phenomenon was discovered by researchers at Lund University in Sweden.

Archaeological project discovers 3,400-year-old family made out of sandstone in Egypt

six statues dating back 3,400 years in two shrines by the sandstone quarry of Gebel el Silsila, Egypt It was just before Christmas when the only Swedish-led archaeological project in Egypt, run by Maria Nilsson from Lund University, made the unique discovery. The research group found six statues dating back 3,400 years in two shrines by the sandstone quarry of Gebel el Silsila.

Extra sperm analysis could help involuntary childless couples

A special type of sperm analysis can help guide more successful fertility treatment for involuntary childless couples.  New research findings from Lund University, Sweden show that a simple analysis of chromosomal breaks in sperms can help guide choice of fertility treatment and, thereby, increase chances of successful assisted reproduction for involuntary childless couples.

Lund University the most popular choice for international students applying to Sweden

Main Lund University building with magnolia flowers in bloom Lund University remains the most popular choice for international students wanting to study their Master’s degree in Sweden, with 1/3 of all applicants from the latest application round choosing Lund University programmes.

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