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The success of Nordic Noir literature

Nordic Noir books Need some tips for your summer reading list? Kerstin Bergman, a researcher in comparative literature at Lund University, discusses why Scandinavian crime fiction has become such a global success, and recommends a few Swedish authors for this summer.

Researchers question what happens in the brain when we think

Photo: Kennet Ruona New research from Lund University in Sweden questions the prevailing doctrine on how the brain absorbs and processes information. The idea that the brain has a mechanism to maintain activity at the lowest possible level is incorrect.

Lund University School of Economics and Management ranked among world's best

Lund University School of Economics and Management Today the Financial Times presented its ranking of the world’s best Master’s degree programmes in finance. Lund University School of Economics and Management is ranked 38th in the world, having been featured for the first time on the list this year.

New grants for faster and better treatment of tumours

Photo: Kennet Ruona Biomarkers are one of the most important tools to increase the effectiveness of various cancer treatments. Now the national innovation programme SWElife has decided on its first grants within cancer research and two of them will go to researchers at Lund University who are developing biomarkers for various forms of cancer.

Mummified bishop is a unique time capsule from the 17th century

CT scanning The mummified remains of Peder Winstrup are one of the best-preserved human bodies from the 1600s. Preliminary investigations reveal a sensational find: the internal organs are still in place.

Protein plays key role in spread of breast cancer

Kristian Pietras For breast cancer to be fatal, the tumour has to send out metastases to other parts of the body. The cancer cells are spread via the blood vessels, and a research team at Lund University in Sweden has now proven that the protein ALK1 determines the extent of the tumour’s spread in the body. The higher the levels of the protein on the surface of the blood vessels, the greater their permeability to tumour cells and therefore the greater the risk of metastases.

Shortage of blood a global problem

Microscope Blood transfusions are vital, but demand for blood far exceeds supply all over the world. In India and China, for example, relatives are usually called upon to give blood in the case of an accident or an operation. An international conference in Lund, Sweden, the first of its kind, will now discuss various possible alternative treatment methods with the potential to complement or even replace blood transfusion. These alternatives include re-programmed skin cells and haemoglobin from sugarbeet.

How do children best learn a second language?

Vi Thahn Son Where do you learn the most English in the shortest amount of time, in Sweden or Vietnam? Swedish children are better at communicating, while Vietnamese children are better at constructing correct sentences and at understanding language rules. This was the result of a study of children 11–12 years old by doctoral student Vi Thanh Son at Lund University in Sweden.

Lund University in partnership with Climate-KIC Nordic

Photo: Mikael Risedal Lund University is now an affiliate partner of Climate-KIC, the large European network which drives climate innovation projects through creative partnerships between the private, public and academic sectors.

Mead made from honey could have healing properties

Bees Did the Vikings have the recipe for good health?