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Warm relationship between students and teachers linked to decreased bullying

Warm relationship between students and teachers is linked to decreased bullying. Photo: I. Oggiono Warm and caring student-teacher relationships can be linked to students’ motivation to intervene in cases of bullying. Behind those who remain passive bystanders or accomplices to bullying there is often a conflict-filled situation between the student and the teacher. This has been shown in a new study recently published by psychologist Tomas Jungert from Lund University, Sweden.

How to reach ecologically sustainable welfare societies

Professor Oksana Mont discusses the the concept of Sustainable Welfare, a key topic in the newly released anthology Sustainability and the Poltical Economy of Welfare. Photo: K. Ruona There is growing evidence that Western welfare standards are not generalizable to the rest of the planet if environmental concerns, such as resource depletion or climate change, are considered. A new interdisciplinary anthology by researchers from Lund University raises the question of what is required to make welfare societies ecologically sustainable.

Why was Donald Trump sniffling?

Trump In the first US presidential debate there were many who noticed Donald Trump’s sniffling. It created a twitter storm under the hashtag #TrumpSniffles and the media became extremely interested in the presidential candidate’s health. However, Lisa Flower, a doctoral student in Sociology at Lund University, Sweden, who is currently doing research on emotions, offers an alternative explanation:

ENSO threatens food supply in southern Africa

drylands Africa Rapid climate change will lead to greater shortages of food, fuel, energy and animal feed in vast rural areas of eastern and southern Africa. These are the findings of an interdisciplinary study from Lund University in Sweden.

Small-scale agriculture threatens the rainforest

Small-scale farmin in Southeast Asia is threatening surrounding forests reports new study. Photo: Y. Clough An extensive study led by a researcher at Lund University in Sweden has mapped the effects of small farmers on the rain forests of Southeast Asia for the first time. The findings are discouraging, with regard to environmental impact, biodiversity and the economy, over the long term.

Faster and better healing of infected wounds using negative pressure technique

The image shows how the negative pressure treatment of a wound works. Illustration: Stine Høxbroe, Copenhagen, Denmark Shorter wound healing time, fewer dressing changes and the opportunity for earlier discharge from the hospital. These are some of the benefits of negative pressure wound therapy to treat wound infections in connection with vascular surgery at the groin. The method, which has become increasingly common, is also cost-effective. This is shown in a thesis from Lund University in Sweden in which the method has undergone its first major scientific evaluation in deep perivascular groin infections after vascular surgery.

WATCH: Could a 300-year old murder mystery finally be solved?

Murder mystery main image A skeleton was found during construction work at Leine castle in Niedersachsen, Germany in the summer of 2016. This is where Swedish count Philip Christoph Königsmarck disappeared 322 years ago – could it be him? Lund University in Sweden follows the dangerous love story between Philip Königsmarck and Georg Ludwig’s wife Sophia Dorothea through the love letters they wrote to each other, currently preserved at the University Library.

Pioneering course decreases suffering for people with haemophilia around the world

international contract education course 75 percent of all people with haemophilia around the world are left untreated, which causes a great deal of suffering and many severe disabilities. But it is possible to lead a healthy life. This is what the internationally known contract education Haemophilia – from diagnosis to therapy is about.

How cells move

A cell on the move. The process of migration shown in images taken with 15 second intervals. The colours show the force needed to migrate – red representing the most force. Photo: Pontus Nordenfelt It’s a known fact that cells can move around the body, but how they do it has been unknown – until now. Researcher in Infection Medicine Pontus Nordenfelt at Lund University in Sweden has managed to describe and visualise cell migration on a molecular level. In time, this could become significant in the treatment of infectious diseases, inflammation, cancer, etc. where cell migration plays an important role.

Type 2 diabetes and obesity – what do we really know?

Review look at what we know so far about the link between diabetes type 2 and obesity. Photo: Social and economic factors have led to a dramatic rise in type 2 diabetes and obesity around the world. In a review in Science, Mark McCarthy, professor at the University of Oxford, UK, and Paul Franks, professor at Lund University, Sweden, examine the knowledge of the actual causes and the interplay between genetics and lifestyle factors.

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