The Un-United Kingdom : En komparativ analys av den brittiska mediala debatten i samband med Brexitomröstningen 2016


Summary, in English

The aim of this paper is to identify and analyze differences and similarities in editorial articles from two different newspapers in connection with the Brexit referendum in 2016. Through a thematic comparative analysis, the main communicated message in six articles from The Daily Mail and six articles from The Guardian is analyzed and compared with each other. The material and the analysis are based on three themes in context of the Brexit debate. The three themes are; economy, sovereignty and migration. The results show that the debate in the editorial articles have a common focus to denigrate the other side of the debate, where the technique of othering often is used to strengthen arguments. Differences appears where the Daily mail repeats the same arguments in a great extent, while the Guardian uses a broader reasoning. The Daily Mail also uses emotional arguments more frequently, by turning criticism against specific people.


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Student publication for Bachelor's degree


  • Cultural Sciences


  • Brexit
  • newspapers
  • The Daily Mail
  • The Guardian
  • economy
  • sovereignity
  • migration
  • European Studies
  • Great Britain
  • UK


  • Mattias Nowak