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Accommodation agencies

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Students who are starting their studies at Lund University and who do not have a housing guarantee with LU Accommodation are responsible for finding their own accommodation. Students without a guarantee are encouraged to apply for housing through external accommodation agencies such as the ones listed below. 

Accommodation agencies for students

For long-term accommodation we recommend that you check with these accommodation agencies:

  • BoPoolen
  • AF Bostäder 
  • Accommodation at the student nations

More information about the agencies is to be found below.


BoPoolen – a student housing website run by Lund University's student unions.

Information about student housing at

AF Bostäder

AF Bostäder – student housing that requires membership in the Academic Society and Studentlund. Sign up for AF Bostäder's housing lottery for newcomers (novischer) before the start of the semester, 11–13 July for all new students starting in autumn 2024 (please note that if you are admitted for autumn 2024 studies, and apply before 11 July, your application will be invalid). You are required to hold membership in the organisation Studentlund when applying. Studentlund will open for new members in early July.

Accommodation at the student nations

Accommodation at the student nations (mainly for members of the nations). See links for each nation in the sidebar.

Information about Accommodation at the student nations

In addition to these, there are plenty of other accommodation agencies that can help you to find housing in Lund, Malmö, Helsingborg or other locations in the region.

Other accommodation agencies

You can find links to different housing providers on the BoPoolen website. Here you can also find links to short-term accommodation, such as hostels and bed & breakfasts. Please note that many of the websites linked to on BoPoolen are in Swedish. If you contact the agencies via telephone or email they will be able to answer your questions in English, however. Before you pay any deposits or rent to private landlords, please read BoPoolen's recommendations on how to avoid fraudsters.