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Financial matters

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Cost of living in Sweden

As a new student in Lund, it can be a good idea to draw up your own budget to help you plan your expenses. Bear in mind that the first month is often the most expensive, with various costs associated with setting up your study and living arrangements and getting settled.

Your cost of living in Sweden will of course depend on your individual lifestyle. Eating out and travelling around can be expensive and this is something you may want to take this into account when planning your budget. However, many places also offer student discounts.

The currency in Sweden is the krona. It is abbreviated to SEK. You can use a currency converter to check the latest exchange rates and convert to your own currency.

Currency converter at

Swedish students who have been approved for full student loans and grants from the Swedish government receive approximately SEK 9 000–12 000 per month. Many international students manage with a budget somewhere in between the required SEK 9 450 and the maximum Swedish student loan amount.

Below is a breakdown of what a monthly budget may look like, depending on your specific costs for rent and leisure activities:

  • Food SEK 2 300
  • Accommodation SEK 3 600–5 200*
  • Course materials SEK 400–1 000
  • Miscellaneous expenses including clothing, mobile phone, leisure activities, etc: SEK 1 500

*Please note that this is only a rough estimate of costs. See the housing pages for more information:


Accommodation and budget – Study in Sweden website

Student discounts

When you join Studentlund, you will receive a student card, ’Studentkortet’, which is both an ID-card/membership card (when you attend student events at the student unions and nations) and as a student discount card. The card (in combination with your regular ID card) gives you access to discounts at certain cafés, restaurants and on travel tickets (for example, Skånetrafiken and SJ) as well as on fashioncomputers, mobile phones, books, etc., both in shops and online. 

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