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University and student nation scholarships

Scholarships for current Lund University students

Every semester, current Lund University students are invited to apply for University and nation scholarships. The autumn application period is in September and the spring application period is in February.

The University scholarships are distributed according to educational credentials from Lund University. They are awarded to Bachelor's and Master's students.

The nation scholarships are awarded by the nations to their members. They can be awarded to Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral students.

Current scholarships and application period

Current Lund University students can apply for University and nation scholarships twice a year, in February and September.

The current application period is open from 21 September to 4 October 2023.

Please note that we only accept applications submitted during the application period.

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How to apply for a University or nation scholarship

The University and nation scholarships are a collection of several different scholarships. However, you only need to make one application that will then be matched with the scholarships you are eligible for. 

Applications are made through the application system.

How scholarship recipients are selected

Applicants are ranked according to their

  • field of studies
  • grades and
  • pace of study.

Only credits from Lund University are taken into account. As your Lund University credits are registered in Ladok, to which we have access, you do not need to submit academic transcripts. Please check with your department that all of your credits have been entered into Ladok. 

Make sure that the personal identity number you indicate in the application system matches that in Ladok. 

Log in to Ladok to view your personal details

Eligibility criteria

Note that you are most likely to get a University scholarship when you are in your 5–8th semester at Lund University. In order to get a scholarship, you often need to have studied at Lund University at least two semesters.

To be eligible for a nation scholarship, you need to be a nation member.

Also bear in mind that most of the circa 250 scholarships are only open to Swedish students because of their setup (for example, connections to a Swedish family name or city etc). However, there are some scholarships that are open to international students currently studying at Lund University.

Supporting documents

Some of the University and student nation scholarships give priority to, for example,

  • students who are members of a particular nation
  • students who are born in Lund, or
  • students who are studying a particular subject.

In some cases, you might need to provide supporting documents to demonstrate that you fulfil certain criteria. If so, you will find information about this in the application system.

Otherwise, you do not need to submit any supporting documents.

Decisions and payment

Decisions for the spring semester are usually announced in April and decisions for the autumn semester in November. Please note that no notifications will be sent out via email. The results will be available in the application system.

Payment will be made to the account you specified in your application. If you have not specified an account number, we will reach out to you if you have been awarded a scholarship.

Previously awarded scholarships

In spring 2023 there were 1 326 applicants, of whom 251 were awarded a scholarship. The amounts varied from SEK 1 000 to SEK 30 000 (with a mean value of SEK 8 600). The total amount distributed was SEK 2 156 200.

In autumn 2022 there were 847 applicants, of whom 253 were awarded a scholarship. The amounts varied from SEK 1 000 to SEK 38 666 (with a mean value of SEK 7 400). The total amount distributed was SEK 2 074 698.

Contact information

Scholarships for current students
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