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Student Health Centre

In this short film, you get an overview of the support offered by the Student Health Centre in matters related to your health.

Welcome to the Student Health Centre! Here you will find tips and advice on how to address problems associated with student life. You can also book individual counselling sessions and take part in courses, lectures and support groups.

 The Student Health Centre – support for you as a student

You can turn to us at the Student Health Centre if you are stressed, feeling low, experiencing sleep disorders or having difficulty adjusting to life in Sweden. Issues could also be related to your drinking or gambling habits, feelings of anxiety or something else that is affecting your mental well-being and which is linked to your study situation.

At the Student Health Centre we work with a range of professionals, such as: 

  • welfare officers
  • nurses
  • psychologists and
  • psychiatrists.

Staff at the Student Health Centre have a duty of confidentiality and are legally required to keep records.

All our services are free of charge. You can read more about the help we offer below. 

There are many things you can do to make yourself feel better. We have gathered tips on this as well as information on different areas related to your well-being. Take a look and find out more about the area or areas that feel relevant to you. You will also find information on the services offered by the Student Health Centre and how to get in touch with us.

Contact information

+46 (0)46-222 43 77 (not for appointments)

Phone hours:
Monday–Wednesday and Friday, 08:30–09:30
Thursday, 08:30–09:00

Subject to temporary changes.

Make an appointment:

Make an appointment at the Student Health Centre

Visiting address:
Sandgatan 3

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The Student Health Centre can provide help and advice in the following areas:

Urgent issues

Emergency medical care

For emergencies or life-threatening situations – dial 112. 

Telephone: 112

Emergency psychiatric clinic

If you are experiencing acute psychological distress, such as thoughts about taking your life or harming yourself or others, we recommend that you contact your closest emergency psychiatric clinic.

  • Lund, telephone: +46 (0)46 17 41 00. The clinic is at Baravägen 1, Lund. 
  • Malmö, telephone: +46 (0)40 33 80 00. The clinic is at Carl-Bertil Laurells gata 7, first floor.
  • Helsingborg, telephone: +46 (0)42 406 27 30. The clinic is at Karolina Widerströms gata 10.

1177 Online Healthcare Guide

If you become ill, suffer a minor injury or feel mentally unwell, you can turn to your health centre.

Health centres and healthcare

You can also call the 1177 Healthcare Advice Line. You will be able to speak to a nurse in English who will also help you find the appropriate service. The helpline operates 24 hours a day.

Telephone: 1177 (note that you should call +46 771 1177 00 if you're using a foreign phone number).

Information about health, diseases and accessing health care –

Crisis information and contact details

There are many places to turn to for help and support in the event of a crisis or if you have been involved in a serious incident. You can find the relevant contact details below. 

If you have experienced a crisis related to your studies, you can make an appointment at the Student Health Centre.

In the event of a crisis or serious incident on the University’s premises or if you need to get in contact with a security guard, you can call the University’s emergency number. For example, a serious incident may involve a deceased person, burglary, vandalism, threats or acts of violence, accidents or a fire.

Telephone: +46 (0)46 22 20 700

The Crisis Centre is a counselling service working against domestic violence and honour-related violence and oppression. The service is directed towards those who have been subjected to, experienced or engaged in domestic violence.

The Crisis Centre Mellersta Skåne is for residents living in Burlöv, Eslöv, Höör, Kävlinge, Lomma, Lund, Staffanstorp and Svalöv municipalities.

Information and contact details for the Crisis Centre Mellersta Skåne (in Swedish)

The Crisis Centre Malmö is for residents living in Malmö.

Information and contact details for the Crisis Centre Malmö (in Swedish)

The out of hours social services in Lund provide emergency support during evenings, nights and weekends. They can support you in situations concerning violence, abuse, housing issues or if you suspect that someone is being abused.

Telephone: +46 (0)46 12 12 99

The Multifaith Chaplaincy is available to students and employees at Lund University as a special resource. The Multifaith Chaplaincy’s staff have a background in crisis support and are part of several University crisis management groups which coordinate efforts in the event of crises and accidents. 

They can also help during the grieving process and crisis management if needed, as well as participate in and organise memorial services.

About the Multifaith Chaplaincy – Lund Cathedral's website