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Mission, vision and values

Our vision is to be a world-class university that works to understand, explain and improve our world and the human condition.

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Strategic Plan 2017–2026

The strategic plan, which covers the period 2017–2026, applies to all of Lund University's activities and has been approved by the University Board.

Lund University's Strategic Plan 2017–2026 (PDF 514 kB, new tab)

Priority areas 2017–2026

The strategic plan for 2017–2026 highlights six development areas:

  • Education and research are to be intertwined
  • Stimulating active collaboration to solve societal challenges
  • Continued development as an international university
  • Well-developed leadership and collegiality are success factors 
  • Students, employees and visitors are to be offered attractive environments
  • The potential of MAX IV and ESS is to be fully exploited.

Core values

Lund University is part of a worldwide academic community and stands behind the basic core values on which European universities agreed in the 'Magna Charta Universitatum'. This document establishes the importance of autonomy and academic freedom. Universities are to be free of pressures from wider society and to defend the freedom, integrity and quality of education and research.

The core values are also based in Swedish laws. The organisation is to safeguard democracy, legality, impartiality, freedom of opinion, respect for the equal value of all human beings, efficiency and service as well as democratic principles and human rights and freedoms. Gender equality and diversity are fundamental principles in every part of our organisation.

Further values characterise Lund University and have done so for a long time: a critical and reflective perspective, objectivity, nonpartisanship, curiosity, engagement, compassion and humour.

Platform for strategic work 2023–2024

The platform for strategic work is a complement to the strategic plan and the University’s other strategic work and is to facilitate a faster response to external changes as well as broader engagement. It acts as guidance and inspiration for the entire organisation.

The platform points out four prioritised strategic development areas:

  • Strong research today and for the future  
  • Education in transition
  • A creative learning and work environment
  • Democracy and global engagement

The three keywords that permeate all the prioritised development areas are: innovative, digital and sustainable.

Platform for strategic work 2023–2024 (PDF 2 MB, new tab)

Equal Opportunities Plan for Lund University

Lund University consists of the people who work or study here. We have various roles, are in different locations, and carry out different duties, but together we form a successful university with great breadth.
We are to be a world-class university that works to understand, explain and improve our world and the human condition. This is a vision that presupposes academic freedom but also a good work and learning environment.
The Equal Opportunities Plan for Lund University covers the period from 2022 to 2027. The plan highlights four overall goals:

  • Recruitment processes and career paths are to be free from discrimination.
  • There is to be a high level of knowledge and understanding of gender equality and equal opportunities in the organisation.
  • Systematic preventive work against discrimination (SFAD) is to be active and dynamic.
  • Management of, and preventive work against, victimisation, harassment and sexual harassment are to be professional.

Equal Opportunities Plan for Lund University (PDF 412 kB, new tab)