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The arts, culture and science

Building with people walking around outside. Architectural illustration and photo.
Lund University is planning a unified arts campus at Varvsstaden, Malmö. Estimated inauguration in 2027.

Culture and the arts have a unique capacity to make us aware of our relationship with ourselves and others, our world, and the age we live in. They offer support in the quest for meaning, direction and belonging, and contribute to problem-solving in society.

Lund University has an extensive arts and cultural scene, encompassing all disciplines. You can access learning and research within visual arts, music, theatre, film and literature, among other things.

The University’s cultural activities, museums and archives constitute significant infrastructures for the University’s students, teachers and research staff. They are used by many fields, not only those with close links to cultural activities. Several of the activities also play a major and important role for schools in the region.

Public operations and open events

You are welcome to visit our museums, and many of our collections are open to the public. Lund University also has a large range of exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events that are open to all. 

Cultural and public centres at Lund University

Interdisciplinary collaboration

Our aim as a university is that knowledge and skills within culture and the arts work with other disciplinary research domains. The complex challenges facing our society demand interdisciplinary collaboration both within the University and beyond.

Lund University contributes to this collaboration as a comprehensive institution with a broad presence in artistic and knowledge formation.

Strategy for cultural collaboration

Lund University has adopted a strategy for cultural collaboration, covering the period 2018–2026.

Lund University strategy for cultural collaboration 2018–2026 (PDF on Staff Pages, new tab)

Lund University Cultural Council

Lund University’s Cultural Council advises the Vice-Chancellor on strategic work for cultural collaboration at the University. The Council helps to highlight the University’s role in promoting culture and the importance of culture and the arts in building communities.

Cultural Council’s external members, Vice-Chancellor’s advisory groups – (in Swedish)


Contact information

Ann Kristin Wallengren
Pro Vice-Chancellor for Culture and Pedagogical Development
ann_kristin [dot] wallengren [at] rektor [dot] lu [dot] se (ann_kristin.wallengren@)
ann_kristin [dot] wallengren [at] rektor [dot] lu [dot] se (
Telephone: +46 46 222 84 76

Louice Cardell Hepp
Communications officer
louice [dot] cardell_hepp [at] kansliht [dot] lu [dot] se (louice[dot]cardell_hepp[at]kansliht[dot]lu[dot]se)
Telephone: +46 46-222 32 42

Student holding an instrument in a lecture hall. Photo.

Courses and programmes

Lund University offers a large range of programmes and courses within culture and the arts, both in English and in Swedish.

Find relevant Bachelor's and Master's programmes in English using the links to our subject area pages below:

Learn more about Swedish-taught programmes and courses within culture and the arts on the Swedish version of this page:

This page in Swedish –