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Fine and performing arts

A collage of different fine art practitioners. Photo.

Lund University offers several international programmes and specialisations within Fine and Performing Arts. These are offered at Malmö Art Academy, Malmö Theatre Academy and Malmö Academy of Music. Some of the links below will take you to the academies' websites, where you can read more and find application deadlines and specific instructions on how to apply. 

Master's programmes in fine and performing arts

Fine Arts


Fact sheet for all specialisations (PDF 301 kB, new tab)

Diploma of Excellence in Music

Composition Diploma and Interpretation Diploma, fact sheet (PDF 290 kB, new tab)

Church Music


  • Performing Arts as Critical Practice – please note that this programme will only be offered every second year.

All Master's programmes taught in English at Lund University

Bachelor's programmes in fine and performing arts

All Bachelor’s programmes taught in English at Lund University

When to apply for studies in fine and performing arts

The application deadline for degree programmes taught at Malmö Art Academy and Malmö Academy of Music usually differ from the other Master's programmes at Lund University. Thus, it is important that you check application instructions and updates on the academies' webpages, in addition to the information on Lund University’s website and 

Studying at the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts

The Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts at Lund University is located in the nearby city of Malmö. The faculty is made up by three institutions - Malmö Art Academy, Malmö Academy of Music, and Malmö Theatre Academy, which all offer a wide range of courses, study programmes and specialisations. By combining theoretical studies with practice, they all aim to educate artists, musicians, and actors to a high level of artistic and professional ability. Several prominent artists, both in Sweden and internationally, have studied at Lund University’s Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts.

Admission process

Applicants undergo an extensive admission process. To be admitted, both skills, talent and motivation are required. As a successful candidate, you can expect a unique opportunity to do what you are passionate about in a stimulating environment.

Collaboration and quality teaching

Both practice and guidance are necessary for students to develop their artistry, and we consider our teachers to be one of our main assets. Several of the lecturers and teachers at the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts combine their teaching with national and international careers as practising artists, musicians, and actors. Independent work is also emphasised, and students have good access to studios and practice rooms at each academy.

Throughout their time at the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts students interact with the surrounding cultural life through participation in various public exhibitions, concerts, and performances. These are often highly appreciated and well attended, both by other students and the public. Malmö Academy of Theatre has its own theatre on campus, Malmö Academy of Art has an adjacent gallery for students to present their exhibitions and Malmö Academy of Music has three concert halls where over 200 concerts are given each year.

All three academies also have active networks with international artists, musicians, and performers and invite several guest lecturers each year. This provides students with great opportunities to make valuable contacts for the future.

Inter Arts Center

Together the academies also run Inter Arts Center (IAC), a centre for artistic research and experimentation. IAC is intended to offer opportunities for interdisciplinary projects between visual art, music, and theatre, but also projects in collaboration with artists outside the departments.

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When to apply for studies in fine and performing arts

Please check each academy's webpage for application instructions and deadlines: