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International opportunities

Three students talking and laughing at the harbour in Helsingborg in summertime.
At Lund University, you can get involved in a wide range of international communities and activities. Photo: Johan Persson.

As a current student at Lund University, you have several opportunities to gain more international experience and intercultural competence, both on campus and abroad.

If you are an international student at Lund University, you already know that international experience and intercultural competence are valuable. You have seen for yourself that international experience boosts your personal development as well as your intercultural, academic and language skills. This in turn opens doors to future career opportunities.

If you want to continue on this path and broaden your international experience at Lund or abroad, there are many exciting opportunities for you.

A truly international university

As a student at Lund University, you are part of a truly diverse campus with fellow students from over 130 different countries. Studies and student life at Lund are therefore an international experience in their own right.

The University's collaboration and exchange agreements with some 560 universities around the world also provide our students with many international opportunities.

With all this in mind, it is perhaps no surprise that the University is ranked 62nd in the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking 'Most international universities in the world 2024'.

Below you will find a range of international opportunities both on campus and abroad.

International opportunities on campus

You don't have to go abroad (again) to gain valuable international experience. There are plenty of opportunities right here on campus. Find out more about the opportunities available below.

In Canvas, you can find a list of current and upcoming digital activities for students. These are often hosted in collaboration with our partner universities and networks.

Examples of activities are:

  • webinars
  • student competitions and
  • virtual exchanges.

New activities are published throughout the semester.

Extracurricular International Opportunities – log in to Canvas

Stand-alone courses taught in English

If your degree programme has an optional or elective part, or if you would like to and are able to take an additional course or courses on the side, you can browse our course catalogue and find courses of interest to you.

You can apply for courses either within or outside of your subject area, provided that you meet the entry requirements. 

You can find the entry requirements on the course webpage, and should apply in the way stated there.

Special Area Studies (SAS)

SAS courses are special type of course that give you an opportunity to learn more about subjects outside your main subject area. Many of these courses are interdisciplinary and tackle contemporary societal and environmental issues.

While SAS courses are aimed at exchange students in the first place, regular students can also apply. Note that the application process is different for exchange students and degree students.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

MOOCs are free online courses open to anyone with an interest, regardless of previous experience. You can sign up for MOOCs at the Coursera platform. Please note that you cannot include a MOOC as a part of a degree or receive university credits for it.

Lund University offers a number of MOOCs that may interest you, but you can also have a look at other universities' offerings. 

By becoming an international mentor, you will play an important role in helping (fellow) international students settle into Lund's student life and Swedish everyday life.

Being a mentor gives you the chance to meet students from all over the world and expand your network. This is not only fun, but is also an experience that can be seen as a qualification when applying for jobs.

Become an international mentor

Lund University Student Ambassadors connect directly with prospective students to share their experiences of Lund and answer questions on a platform called Unibuddy. The student ambassadors also write blogs and engage in other student recruitment activities such as live chats, webinars, video projects, and more.

Applications are now closed and will open again in early September.

Become a Lund University Student Ambassador

There are a couple of language cafés where you can meet students from a range of countries and practise languages together, for example Café Multilingua and Eos Language Café. 

If you are looking to improve your Swedish and learn more about Swedish culture, there are even more options. 

On some of the faculties' websites, you can find tips about additional international activities on campus and in the region.

The vibrant student life at Lund University gives you the opportunity to meet like-minded people from all over the world at student organisations, nations or other student forums. 

International opportunities abroad

Besides it just being fun, my interpersonal, communication and cultural awareness skills strengthened.

          Alexandra, student
          ambassador on Unibuddy

Lund University has exchange agreements with some 670 partner universities in about 75 countries around the world. This gives you a unique opportunity to study abroad. This can be either short-term, such as a summer course, or longer-term, such as a one or two-semester exchange.

We send around 1 200 to 1 300 students on exchange each year. Maybe you could be one of them! 

Another option is to do a traineeship or fieldwork abroad while you study here.

See the different opportunities below. Click on the links for information on eligibility, how to apply and possible funding.

As a current degree student, you may be able to study at one of Lund University's 560 partner universities for one or two semesters. The University of California exchange programme is our oldest and largest. 

If you would like to study in another Nordic or European country, you can apply for a Nordplus or Erasmus+ mobility grant. For exchange studies outside of Europe, you can apply for the Crafoord Foundation travel grant.

You may be able to undertake a traineeship/internship within or outside of Europe and be eligible for a grant.

Traineeship in Europe

If you want to undertake a traineeship in Europe, you may be eligible for an Erasmus+ traineeship grant. The traineeship can either be a part of your studies, or be an optional addition.

Erasmus+ traineeship grant

Internship outside the EU

If you want to undertake an internship, clinical training or a work placement outside the EU, you may be eligible for a travel grant from the Crafoord Foundation.

Crafoord Foundation travel grant

You can study at one of Lund University's partner universities during the summer months. This short-term opportunity could be especially interesting if want to broaden your education or for any reason cannot or do not want to go on a longer exchange.

You can also combine both options.

Summer courses abroad

In Canvas, you will find several international activities for students, such as: 

  • short-term exchanges
  • webinars and
  • student competitions.

New activities are published continuously throughout the semester.

Extracurricular International Opportunities – log in to Canvas

Some international students are eligible for the Crafoord Foundation travel grant for data collection in connection with a (degree) project.

Note that very specific eligibility requirements apply.

Crafoord Foundation travel grant and eligibility requirements

You can also apply to universities abroad that do not have an exchange agreement with Lund University on your own.

If you wish to do this, you need to arrange everything yourself. If there are fees, you need to pay them yourself and you are also personally responsible for obtaining valid insurance.

More opportunities at your faculty

A mosaic of six pictures with students posing in urban environments abroad.

Follow our students around the world

Depending on what you are studying, there may be additional opportunities in connection with your degree programme or subject area. 

Find more information and contact details on the faculties' websites: 

International programmes and networks

Lund University participates in several different international networks and programmes that aim to increase collaboration between universities in different geographical areas, often by facilitating student exchanges. Read more about these collaborations here: 

Global engagement and international collaboration

Certificate of International Merits

This document, also called a CIM, certifies that you have gained international experience through various intercultural activities.

Only a few faculties at Lund University currently offer this opportunity. Contact your faculty to find out what applies to you.