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Your application status

Once you have applied to a programme or course at Lund University, your application goes through several processing steps before the admission results are announced. This page is to explain what happens with your application.

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Your application will go through several stages before the admission results are announced at your account.

This webpage is divided into the three key parts listed below. You can click on the shortcut links to go directly to one part of the page:

Reminders and other important messages will be sent from University Admissions to your account during the application period. It is therefore important to log in to your account regularly.

University Admissions in Sweden process your documents

  1. Your supporting documents are submitted to University Admissions in Sweden, either by uploading or by regular post (or a combination of both, depending on the country you are from). For documents sent by regular post or delivery service, the parcels are date-stamped on arrival to University Admissions in Sweden. Once opened, your documents are scanned into a central system where university admissions staff and university programme staff will be able to access your application.  You can check your account to see when document parcels have been delivered, however you cannot see which specific documents they are. You will not get a message to confirm your application is complete – it is up to you to ensure you have submitted all required documents.

  2. Before any documents are processed further, University Admissions in Sweden checks to see if you are required to pay an application fee or not. Applications cannot be processed further until either the application fee has been paid if you are a citizen outside the EU/EEA; or until you have provided the documentation of your EU/EEA status to prove you are exempt from paying. If neither has been received, your application will not be processed further.

  3. Your supporting documents are checked for legitimacy by authorised admissions officers. The admissions officers check to see if uploaded documents are true and correct scanned originals, or sent documents are correctly certified. They also check to see if documents from your country and education institution are recognised and accepted as being eligible for studies at a Swedish university. Documents are checked to see that there is the correct proof of meeting the English language proficiency requirements, either in the form of an international English language proficiency test, or through another approved way connected with previous studies.

  4. Issues with documents – you will receive a notification in the 'messages' tab in your university admissions account if there is a problem with the documents you submitted. For instance, a translation or original language document is missing, if transferred courses and credits are not documented correctly, if the correct certification is missing, etc. These messages can often be generic due to the very high volume of applications. If it is not clear what is wrong, we encourage you to contact our local admissions office to find out what is missing. It is important to resolve any missing or incorrect documentation as quickly as possible, since the corrected documents must still be received before the document deadline. If it is not resolved before the document deadline, your application will be considered late. 

  5. If all documents are correctly submitted on time and you meet the entry requirements for studies in Sweden, your application can then be passed on to the programme(s) at Lund University to which you have applied, if you have applied to Master's studies. Applications to Bachelor's studies are only processed at the national level and are not passed on to the university.

Our programme staff evaluate your application (only for Master's applications)

  1. The Master's programme staff check your application to assess whether you meet the specific admission requirements to their programme (e.g. do you have a degree in the right subject, have you studied specific courses required for this programme). 

  2. If your application does not meet the specific requirements, you will not be considered for admission to that programme. Although you may be considered ineligible for one programme, you may still be eligible for another programme(s) to which you may have also applied.

  3. Eligible students for a programme are then evaluated for selection. This includes evaluation of your academic grades and English language proficiency. If the Master's programme also required additional documents, they will also evaluate those (e.g. a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, a CV, thesis, writing sample or a portfolio) as a part of the selection.

  4. The programmes use a merit ratings evaluation. This is an internal working tool during the evaluation process and the merit rating scales are unique for each programme at each university. You cannot compare a merit rating from one programme to another, or from one university to another. We strongly discourage you from trying to interpret the merit ratings. Please wait for the actual admission results!

Understanding your application status while you wait for results

During the document processing and evaluation process, applicants may see different status messages in their accounts. Accordingly, the status of your application on your page at may show 'unqualified' at various stages of the application and selection process until the relevant documents or evaluation steps determine that you are qualified. You may also see that your application is "in progress" or "qualified", depending on where in the process your application is.

If you see the 'unqualified' message while your application is being processed, it could be for a few reasons and it does not necessarily mean that you don't meet the requirements of the programme or course that you have applied to.

Also note, that although you may be considered 'unqualified' for one programme, you may still be eligible for another programme(s) to which you may have also applied and to which your application is still waiting to be evaluated. If your application status is instead "qualified" please note that this does not mean that you will be offered admission, but only that you meet the general (and/or specific) entry requirements of the programme.

Best of luck in the selection process!

Admission results

Admission results are published in your account. 

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Application-related questions