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Information for current study support mentors

Once you have started your assignment as a study support mentor, there are a few things you need to be aware of. On this page we have gathered important information about what you need to know and do during your assignment.

As a study support mentor or assistant there are certain practical things that you need to know. For example, you can read about the agreement you need to complete, the ongoing confirmations of the assignment that you need to send in and how to register your bank account for the fee to be paid.

Complete an assignment agreement

For study support mentors or assistants to be registered to receive fees, an agreement must be completed by the time the semester’s assignment begins. The agreement is sent via email by Disability Support Services, in conjunction with the start-up meeting. It is very important that the agreement is submitted by the time you start the assignment, since it provides the start date of the assignment period.

Join the mentors' meetings 

There is one mentors' meeting offered each semester, in which we discuss questions related to the mentorship assignment. The mentors' meeting for the spring semester is offered on:

  • 24 April, 16:15 to 18:00 – Cancelled*

*Please check back here for a new date and time.

You are also always welcome to contact the mentor coordinator if you have questions about the assignment.

Send in confirmations of the assignment

During the semester, you will receive an email requiring you to confirm that the mentorship/assistant assignment is ongoing, in accordance with the earlier agreement. The emails are sent out four times per semester and must be responded to within five working days.

These confirmations make up the basis for the fee payment and will be used for accounting purposes. It is very important that the confirmations are submitted to ensure that fees are paid out.

Register your bank account to get paid

In order for the fee to be paid directly into your bank account, you need to register your account with Swedbank.

Register your bank account at Swedbank's webpage (in Swedish)

The payment of fees occurs after the semester is complete, given that the agreement and the confirmations have been submitted. Together, these also form the basis for deciding the size of the fee.

Both study support mentors and students are obliged to inform Disability Support Services if you do not have regular meetings, if the student fails to attend meetings or if the assignment ends for any other reason.

Calculate your fee

The fee for the semester is SEK 4,800 before tax in those cases where the mentoring assignment has continued throughout the semester. In other cases, the fee is calculated according to the percentage of the semester the assignment has covered. The scope is divided into 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the semester, see below. 

Fees before tax for assistants and study support mentors at Lund University, per semester:

  • 100% of 20 weeks: SEK 4,800
  • 75% of 20 weeks: SEK 3,600
  • 50% of 20 weeks: SEK 2,400
  • 25% of 20 weeks: SEK 1,200

The fee levels above are approved and will be applied from 10 August 2022.

Contact information

For questions concerning the study support mentor assignment: 

Liselott Eriksson
Mentor coordinator at Disability Support Service 
liselott [dot] eriksson [at] stu [dot] lu [dot] se (liselott[dot]eriksson[at]stu[dot]lu[dot]se)

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