Travel scholarships

For current students who need to travel in connection with their studies

Travel scholarships for undergraduate and Master’s students are announced in February each year. Travel scholarships are awarded for study abroad or travel in connection with degree projects and for foreign travel that benefits a student’s university studies in some way.

Current scholarships and when to apply

The current application period is open from 16 February to 1 March. You can apply for scholarships for travel that started no earlier than 1 July 2020, and for planned travel up until 28 February 2022. Please note that we only accept scholarships applications that are submitted during the application period.

How to apply

When the application period is open, you apply through the online application system (unless stated otherwise in the respective call for applications).

Note that although most of the text in the application form is available in English the text in the initial drop down menu is not. To apply for a travel grant, select 'Resestipendier grundutbildningsstuderande'.

The scholarships are distributed based on the purpose of your trip, and ranked based on your academic grades as well as your application and the supporting documents you attach to it. Make sure to include relevant documents with your application so that you do not miss out because of an incomplete application. You do not need to submit you transcript of records from Ladok to show us your grades, as we have access to this information.

Please note!

  • You can only apply for the scholarships via the application system during the application period.
  • You should only make one application per trip, as your application will be matched with the scholarships that you are eligible for.
  • Carefully read through the call for applications to be sure that you are eligible to apply and that you submit the correct supporting documents. The decision to award a travel scholarship is based on your academic results from Lund University, on what is written in the application and on your supporting documents. You should include documents that prove the purpose of your trip, such as a certificate issued by your supervisor, an invitation letter, an acceptance letter, or other documents that are relevant for the type of trip you are going to make. 
  • Please check with your department that all your credits have been entered into Ladok. Moreover, please check that your official Swedish personal identification number is recorded in Ladok (i.e. not the temporary personal number you were given when you first arrived in Sweden).
    Log in to the student portal to view and update your details in Ladok
  • Remember to fill in estimated costs for your trip. As a rule, SEK 5 000 are awarded per scholarship. Exceptions include the 'Reg läk dr Hartelius’ stipendiestiftelse' and 'Nils Flensburgs resestipendiefond' funds, where larger amounts may be awarded.
  • The awarded scholarship cannot be used for a trip, on another occasion or for a purpose, other than that specified in the decision.


Decisions are usually announced in April each year in the online application system and via email to the successful applicants. The decision will contain information on which supporting documents you need to submit to secure your scholarship (for example a copy of an acceptance letter, letter of invitation, travel documents, or similar). We will also ask you to submit a Requisition Form ('rekvisitionsblankett'), which you will find in the online application system, near the respective application that has been granted.

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Travel scholarships awarded

In spring 2020, there were 616 applications and 52 scholarships were awarded. In total, SEK 255 830 was distributed.

Contact information

Scholarships for current students
For questions about scholarships for current students, please contact:

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