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Admission results

Information for admitted Bachelor's and Master's students.

Where can I find my admission result?

You find your admission results by logging in to your account at the website. No official letter is sent from the University with your admission results. Admission results are only notified online in your account.

You will need to print the notification of results from your account as proof of your admission (a printed copy is needed for residence permit applications and for many other situations). Read more at

Find out what you need to do to secure your study place depending on if you made your application in an international application round or a Swedish/EU application round.

If you are offered admission after applying in an international application round (mid-October to mid-January for autumn studies or early June to mid-August for spring studies), please follow the instructions from Lund University. If you are asked to actively accept your place, you will receive a message from Lund University in your account, email and/or through this website. In addition to this, there may be other enrolment requirements set by your department or programme that you will need to follow. If you do not want to accept your admission offer, you must always decline the place in your account.

Lund University enrolment requirements for newly admitted students

If you applied in the later (Swedish/EU) application rounds (mid-March to mid-April for autumn semester studies, or mid-September to mid-October for spring semester studies), then in order to keep your place in the programme you must actively accept your offer through your account. If you do not accept your offer by the deadline, it will be given to another student. Read more about how to reply to your offer at

If you are conditionally admitted

You will receive conditional admission if you are a non-EU/EEA student, until such time as your first tuition fee instalment payment has been received.

You will receive conditional admission if you are a final-year Bachelor’s student who must submit the final transcripts and degree diploma before the start of the Master’s programme. These documents should be submitted to University Admissions in Sweden as soon as you receive them and prior to the start of the programme. In most cases, you can upload the scanned original documents to your account at However, remember to follow any country-specific instructions when submitting your documents. We recommend that you also bring your original documents to Lund, in case of any questions regarding your documents. These final documents are often processed shortly before the start of the semester. This means that even after you have submitted your final transcripts and diploma, the condition may remain up until that point in your account. If anything is missing you will receive a message in your account.

If you don't have your diploma by the start of the semester

If you are unable to present the official Bachelor's degree diploma by the start of your studies, you can still be granted an exemption from the general eligibility of a complete Bachelor's degree to start the Master's programme at Lund University. In order for us to make this exemption, you need to submit a transcript with final marks and a certificate that you have applied for your degree/fulfil all degree requirements. As soon as the final degree documents have been issued, you must submit them to your account at

For students with a Swedish Bachelor's degree, please note:

  • If you are completing your Bachelor’s degree in Sweden, please take a screenshot of the degree application (including name and birth date) and upload it to your account at University Admissions.
  • If you are completing your Bachelor’s degree at Lund University, you do not need to submit a screenshot of your degree application, as we have access to your degree application at Lund University through the Ladok system.

Note that students who are conditionally admitted should also follow any enrolment instructions in order to secure their place.

If you are a reserve/on the waitlist

Read about what applies if you are a reserve or on the waitlist, depending on whether you applied through an international application round or a Swedish/EU application round.

If you applied in one of the international application rounds (mid-October or mid-January for autumn semester studies, or June to mid-August for spring semester studies) and are a reserve for a programme (or a conditional reserve), this means that you have not been admitted. There is no further step for you at this stage. The programme coordinators will contact you directly if a place becomes available. There is no specific deadline to receive this information – places can, in theory, become available until the start of the programme. Your chances of a place becoming available depend on other admitted students declining their place and the reserves ahead of you on the wait list also declining any place if it becomes available. You do not actively need to accept your reserve place in this admission round. However, if you are later offered admission with a place on the programme or course, you will need to confirm with your programme coordinator if you wish to start your studies.

If you applied in the later (Swedish/EU) application round and are a reserve for a programme, you must accept the reserve offer before the deadline. This will ensure that you can be offered a place in the second selection round if places become available. Your chances depend on other students declining their place. Meanwhile, you may have also been offered admission to your next-choice programme. It is strongly recommended to accept both your reserve offer and the offer of admission to your next-choice programme. It is up to you if you decide to only accept the actual offer of admission to your next-choice programme, or if you only wish to accept the reserve position.

About reserve places (waiting list) at

If you have been offered a place on a Lund University programme or course, the next steps take place as follows:

  1. Check if there are any instructions regarding accepting your place and if so, please follow these
  2. Pay your tuition fee instalment (non-EU/EEA students)
  3. Apply for a residence permit (non-EU/EEA students)
  4. Apply for housing (all accepted students)
  5. Complete any other requirements to fulfil the conditions of your admission (e.g. submit proof of graduation for final-year Bachelor's students)
  6. Follow any enrolment instructions or other requirements from your programme/department prior to arrival
  7. Registration at your department

Questions about admission results?