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Scholarships for current students

The following information is for students currently studying at Lund University. For most of the scholarships, you must have studied at least two semesters at Lund University in order to be eligible to receive a scholarship.

Opportunities for current students only

Please note that this page is for current Lund University students only.

If you are not yet a student at Lund University, but are planning to apply for studies, please see our webpage for prospective students instead.

Scholarship information for prospective students

Global Scholarship for current students

The Lund University Global Scholarship is a selective, merit-based scholarship that current international students with top academic results from Lund University can apply for to help cover tuition fees for their continued studies at Lund University.

Lund University Global Scholarship for current students

University and student nation scholarships

The University scholarships are awarded to undergraduate and Master’s students. The nation scholarships are awarded to undergraduate, Master’s and research students. 

Most scholarships are only open to Swedish students due to the nature of the scholarship set up (eg connections to a Swedish family name, Swedish city etc). However, there are some scholarships that are open to international students currently studying at Lund University.

University and student nation scholarships

Travel scholarships

Travel scholarships are awarded to current Lund University students for study abroad or travel in connection with degree projects and for foreign travel that benefits a student’s university studies in some way.

Travel scholarships for current students

Scholarships from Swedish foundations

A small number of scholarships are awarded each year by Swedish foundations to current Lund University students from specific backgrounds. The application periods are usually open in late September–early October in autumn and March–April in spring.

Scholarships from Swedish foundations

Find more scholarships

There is also a list of suggestions on scholarships that you might be able to apply for.

Find more scholarships