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Recruitment process for research staff that teach

This page describes the recruitment process for the researching and teaching staff positions of

  • associate senior lecturer
  • senior lecturer and
  • professor.

There may be certain differences in the process depending on which faculty is recruiting.


To ensure your application is complete, it is important that you follow all the steps on the form in the recruitment system Varbi. Your application may be eliminated if you do not include all the requested information and documents.

Read more about how to log in or create an account in Varbi:

Applying for a position


The selection process begins once the deadline for applications has passed. As Lund University is a public authority, a position is only to be offered to the person who has the highest expertise and is most qualified.

The assessment of expertise and qualifications is based on the vacancy announcement and the person specification, which in turn are based on the University’s appointment rules and the qualification requirements stated in the Higher Education Ordinance. The academic appointments board reviews all the applications that are received. 

In the first step of the selection process, applications that do not fulfil the qualification requirements and/or other requirements are removed from the process. The academic appointments board may also remove applications that fulfil the requirements, but which clearly do not have sufficient qualifications.

Assessment by external experts

The remaining applications are sent to external experts for review. In most cases these are experts on the subject at higher education institutions other than Lund University. The external experts read the applications and assess the expertise and qualifications of the applicants. This part of the recruitment process is time-consuming and may take several months.

In-depth assessment

After the external experts’ review, the academic appointments board assesses whether more selection methods are required. The academic appointments board calls the shortlisted candidates for interviews, trial lectures, research seminars, tests or other selection methods.

Some faculties also involve the external experts in this part of the process before the experts submit their statement. The academic appointments board then makes an overall assessment and proposes their selected candidate. In most cases references are sought for the selected candidate.

The duration of the selection period may vary depending on how many of the applicants are qualified. Sometimes it can take a few months.

Offer of employment

If you are the selected candidate, you receive an offer of employment from the recruiting manager. You discuss the salary and other terms of employment, such the starting date and introduction, with the manager.

Decision on employment

Once you have accepted the offer of employment and any required residence permit has been granted, the University takes a decision on employment.

Lund University is a public authority and therefore the decision on employment applies as an employment contract. Thus, you do not sign the decision on employment.

Appealing against a decision on employment

As Lund University is a public authority, a decision on employment can be appealed. If someone other than you has been employed, you can appeal against the decision. The appeal period against the decision is three weeks from the time the decision is posted on the public authority’s notice board. 

Only those who have applied for the position and not been employed may appeal against the decision. 

Applicants from outside the EU/Nordic countries

If you are from a country outside the EU/Nordic countries, you need to check whether you must have a residence permit for the period you are in Sweden.

Once you have accepted the offer of employment, you and the relevant department must work on the application to the Swedish Migration Agency for a residence permit. The process may take several months. Learn more on the Migration Agency's website:

Swedish Migration Agency website –

The academic appointment boards are responsible for the recruitment procedure

The academic appointments board at each faculty is responsible for the recruitment process when the University recruits associate senior lecturers, senior lecturers and professors.

An academic appointments board consists of a chair, at least three teaching staff representatives and two student representatives. At the end of the recruitment process, the academic appointments board submits a proposal concerning who is to be employed.

The dean of the faculty takes decisions on the employment of associate senior lecturers and senior lecturers. The Vice-Chancellor of the University takes decisions on the employment of professors.

The recruitment process – schematic diagram

Schematic diagram of the recruitment process described on this page. Click on the image to enlarge (152 kB, new tab).

Recruitment process for research staff that teach. Schematic diagram.

Contact information

For more information about the recruitment process or a specific position, contact the contact person/s listed in the vacancy announcement.