Att läsa med öronen : ljudboken som utmaning och möjlighet i gymnasieskolan

To read with your ears : the audiobook as a challenge and opportunity in high school


Summary, in English

The purpose of this thesis is to investigate how high school teachers use the audiobook for Swedish teaching and to find out what opportunities and challenges these teachers see with the audiobook. To achieve the purpose and answer the questions, qualitative semi-structured interviews were conducted with four Swedish teachers, where they were allowed to describe and discuss how they work with audiobooks in Swedish teaching.
The result shows that teachers lack education about digital tools but still use the audiobook in their classrooms. There is a lack of accessibility of audio books in the school.
Furthermore, the results show that the audiobook is used primarily as a complement to the printed text. Thus, the audiobook is primarily a way of fulfilling the compensatory task at school.


  • Languages and Literatures


  • ljudböcker
  • högläsning
  • digitalisering
  • skönlitteratur
  • gymnasieskolan
  • svenska


  • Anders Ohlsson (Professor)