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Enclosure instructions

When applying to Lund University as an exchange student, it is important that you submit the correct supporting documents with your application, otherwise, your application will take longer to process. Please note that there are documents that all students are required to submit as well as Faculty-specific requirements. 

University-wide agreements

Students coming to Lund on university-wide agreements are required to submit the documents listed below. If you are nominated to study architecture, industrial design or performing arts, you also need to submit a portfolio with your application.

A Statement of Purpose (SoP), also known as a Letter of Motivation or Letter of Intent, is a one-page letter describing why you want to come to Lund University (LU) on an exchange, introducing yourself, your background and your interest in LU and the specific faculty or courses you are applying for. The SoP should be divided into 3 main parts:

  • Introduction – can include your personal information, what you are applying to and why
  • Body – should contain your background information and highlight any achievements that you think might be useful for admission to exchange studies at Lund University.
  • Conclusion – should include your goals and your future plans and how your exchange studies at Lund University will help you achieve those goals

A CV is the same as a Curriculum Vitae or a Resume.

Send us a copy of the page in your passport with your personal data and photograph.

Send us an official transcript of records of all completed courses, listing the number of credits awarded and your grades. If you are a Master's level student, send both a Bachelor's transcript and a transcript of your Master's level studies.

Some transcripts include the courses you are taking during the current (ongoing) semester, but if not, please upload a separate document listing your ongoing courses.

An eligibility form is only mandatory for students applying for courses in Engineering at LTH and for students applying for courses with prerequisites at LUSEM. See the respective websites to find the correct form.

Faculty information

The documents required vary slightly between different faculties here in Lund. Below you will find links to the faculties’ websites for further details.