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Practical information for ceremony participants

Invitation – The invitation is sent out to all those who have publicly defended their thesis or will be defending it since the last degree conferment ceremony. The invitation is sent by post in early March to the addresses registered with the faculties.

Date – The doctoral degree conferment ceremony traditionally takes place on the last Friday in May, with a compulsory rehearsal on the preceding afternoon. In order to take part in the ceremony, doctoral students must normally have publicly defended their theses no later than the Tuesday in the week of the degree conferment ceremony.

Participation – All those who have publicly defended a doctoral thesis and passed all required courses in the past three years are welcome to take part in the ceremony. Invitations are automatically sent out to those who have publicly defended their thesis since the previous year’s degree conferment ceremony. Those who completed their doctoral degrees previously are kindly requested to contact the Ceremonies and Events Office via email if they wish to receive an invitation.

Doctor’s hat – All doctors at the Faculties of Theology, Law, Medicine, Engineering and Fine and Performing Arts, as well as Doctors of Philosophy in Business and Economics at the School of Economics and Management taking part in the ceremony are to have a doctor’s hat. Many choose to borrow the hat from their supervisor or from a colleague; otherwise it can be ordered from a hatter such as Gun Petersson, 040 511 320 in good time. The Ceremonies and Events Office has no hats available for loan.

Laurel wreath – All doctors at the Faculties of Humanities, Social Sciences and Science, along with Doctors of Law and Doctors of Philosophy from the School of Economics and Management taking part in the ceremony are to have a laurel wreath. The wreath is to be ordered during the spring from a florist such as Söderblommor, info [at] soderblomor [dot] se (head measurements must be provided). There will be an opportunity to meet the wreath-maker and have head measurements taken in April; exact date to be provided after registration.

Doctor’s ring – Ordering the doctor’s ring is optional; any ring can be used for the ceremony. Doctors who wish to acquire a doctor’s ring can order one from goldsmith Claes Paulsson, Guld och Silver, Lilla Fiskaregatan 4B, Lund, tel. 046 127 120 or 07 0491 3953, who makes the rings for the honorary doctors.

Graduands from the Faculty of Engineering order their ring and hat emblem from silversmith Ellen Hammer or from silversmith Birger Pellas and goldsmith Ingrid Trilk.

Visit Ellen Hammer's website
Visit Ingrid Trilk's website

The hat and ring are to be dropped off at the main university building the week before the ceremony; drop-off times are provided in the invitation. The wreaths are delivered directly from the wreath-maker to the cathedral.

Diploma – All participants in the degree conferment ceremony receive a calligraphed doctoral diploma, provided by the University. The diploma is not a degree certificate and does not replace the proof of completion of a doctoral degree to be obtained from the faculty for the purposes of job applications, etc.

Attire, ceremony – Academic formal wear for those taking part in the procession; tailcoat with black waistcoat and white tie or full length black dress with covered shoulders, or a long skirt and jacket. White gloves are only worn by marshals. For guests in the cathedral who are not part of the procession: business attire. There is no dress code for the ceremony rehearsal.

Wreath-bearers – Graduands with daughters between the ages of 4 and 7 can put their names forward as possible wreath-bearers. There are many applicants for the role so precedence is given to the daughters from the wreath-wearing faculties, i.e. those historically included in the Faculty of Philosophy (Humanities, Social Sciences, Economics and Science). Nine wreath-bearers (representing the nine muses) are chosen from among the applicants. Lots are drawn if there are more applicants than places.

Fee – A degree conferment ceremony fee of SEK 250 is payable by those wishing to participate in the ceremony.

Photography and filming – The degree conferment ceremony is recorded on film and in photographs by a specially appointed photographer. The images and film material will be available for download after the event. 

Guests – Graduands are guaranteed four tickets to the ceremony in the cathedral and one for a guest accompanying them to the dinner. If more tickets are requested, the Ceremonies and Events Office will do its best to accommodate everyone’s wishes. Tickets are to be ordered by graduands at the time of registration.

Children – Small children should not be brought to the cathedral; there have been vehement complaints from audience members in previous ceremonies about children disrupting the event.

Degree conferment ceremonial dinner – All participants are invited to the dinner; the current year’s doctoral graduates are guaranteed a place for one guest each. The dinner takes place at the Academic Society with guests gathering for a drink at 18:30 and sitting down for dinner at 19:00. The dinner is followed by dancing to a big band orchestra. The price per head is SEK 200 for doctoral graduands and SEK 650 for their guests.

Attire for the ceremonial dinner – Formal wear, tailcoat with white waistcoat and white tie or long dress.

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Upcoming doctoral conferment ceremonies

  • 25 May 2018
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