Educational programmes, LTH

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Visiting address: Ole Römers väg 3A, 5:e vån, Lund

Postal address: Box 118, 221 00 Lund

Organisations (parallel)

Bachelor Programme in Industrial Design
Biomedical Engineering (M.Sc.Eng.)
Biotechnology (M.Sc.Eng.)
Biotechnology (MSc)
Chemical Engineering (M.Sc.Eng.)
Civil Engineering (M.Sc.Eng.)
Computer Science and Engineering (M.Sc.Eng.)
Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation (M.Sc.)
Electrical Engineering (M.Sc.Eng.)
Embedded Electronics Engineering (M.Sc.)
Engineering Mathematics (M.Sc.Eng.)
Engineering Nanoscience (M.Sc.Eng.)
Engineering Physics (M.Sc.Eng.)
Environmental Engineering (M.Sc.Eng.)
Fire Protection Engineering 3,5 years
Fire Safety Engineering (M.Sc.)
Food Innovation and Product Design (M.Sc.)
Food Technology
Food Technology and Nutrition (M.Sc.)
Industrial Management and Engineering (M.Sc.Eng.)
Industrial design
Information and Communications Engineering (M.Sc.Eng.)
Livsmedelsteknik (kandidat)
Logistics and Supply Chain Management (M.Sc.)
Machine Learning, Systems and Control (master)
Master Programme in Architecture
Master of Architecture
Master of Science in Engineering - Chinees
Master's Programme in Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering (M.Sc.Eng.)
Mechanical Engineering with Industrial Design Engineering (M.Sc.Eng.)
Nanoscience (M.Sc.)
Pharmaceutical Technology (master)
Photonics (M.Sc.)
Production and Materials Engineering (master)
Programmes in Helesingborg
Risk Management and Safety Engineering (M.Sc.Eng.)
Surveying (M.Sc.Eng.)
Sustainable Energy Engineering (master)
Sustainable Urban Design
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (master)
Water Resources (M.Sc.)
Wireless communication (M.Sc.)