Den Svenska Modellen - En komparativ studie om Socialdemokraternas och Sverigedemokraternas syn på den svenska modellen under 2019


Summary, in English

This paper is about the following question: Which are the main similarities and differences between the Social democrats and the Sweden democrats and their view on the Swedish model during 2019 with a focus on the concepts: Welfare, tax, safety and equality? The concepts have been used as a theoretical foundation and a comparative method has been used to answer the question. The results show that there are similarities and differences between the two political parties regarding their view on each concept. The similarities when it comes to welfare is that both parties seem to agree on the importance of prioritizing education and healthcare while the main difference is that Social democrats are against welfare gains while Sweden democrats are not. Both parties want to abolish pension tax while Social democrats want to raise other taxes and the Sweden democrats want to lower income tax and marginal tax. Social democrats focus both on safety within the job market and safety from crime and violence while the Sweden democrats only focus on the latter. The last concept is equality and both parties agree that women are paid less than men and have worse working conditions. Social democrats focus on equal distribution regarding responsibility between men and women while the Sweden democrats focus on solving the problems that are unequal as they express it.
Keywords: The Swedish model, welfare, taxes, safety, equality


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Student publication for Bachelor's degree


  • Social Sciences


  • The Swedish model
  • welfare
  • taxes
  • safety
  • equality
  • Europastudier


  • Mattias Nowak