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”Öresundsbron är en symbol för möjligheter och drömmar” - En narrativ analys av fyra opinionstexter om Öresundsbron från 2020


  • Emilio Garro

Summary, in English

This thesis is a narrative analysis of four opinion-based texts associated to the symbolic meaning of the Øresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark. All four texts were written in Swedish newspapers in connection to the twentieth anniversary of the inauguration of the bridge. The primary purpose of the study is identifying which symbolic narratives are formulated in the four texts and in the analysis comparatively analyze the differences and similarities of the identified narratives. The methodological structure of the analysis will be chronologically categorized in three sub chapters and finalized by a chapter with a reflecting summary. Secondly, the aim of the study is to discuss how, and in what capacity, the texts and their symbolic narratives can be placed in the historical and cultural context of the Øresund Bridge and the Øresund region. This will be done in a finalizing discussion-based chapter and with the help of a thoroughly presented theoretical chapter. Based on the analysis, six main narratives can be identified in the four texts. The first narrative being the symbolic importance of the Øresund Bridge to Malmös identity transformation, the second being the bridge as symbol for a failed vision of open boarders, the third being the bridge as a symbol for a created transnational region, the fourth being the bridge as a symbol for a dysfunctional regional collaboration and finally the sixth being the importance of the bridge as a symbolic link from Sweden to the rest of Europe.


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Document type

Student publication for Bachelor's degree


  • Social Sciences
  • Cultural Sciences


  • Øresund Bridge
  • Malmö
  • narrative analysis
  • regional identity
  • symbolism
  • Öresund region
  • European Studies


  • Ryszard Bobrowicz