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Profile areas

At Lund University

The Department of Philosophy's robot lab. Photo: Johan Bävman.

Improving people's living conditions and contributing to solutions for global societal challenges is one of the main tasks of Lund University's profile areas.

By bringing together several research disciplines, researchers at Lund University aim to address global societal problems and promote human rights as effective tools for justice.

Human rights

With the expertise available at Lund Laser Centre (LLC), NanoLund and MAX IV, researchers are now able to study materials at a very detailed level and gain insights into processes and functions that were previously impossible to study. This will enable us to understand even more about materials and the building blocks of the natural world.

Light and materials

By studying the behaviour of living entities and combining this with research into robots and software, researchers at Lund University are gaining groundbreaking insights into how intelligent systems work.

Natural and artificial cognition

Researchers at Lund University are investigating the complex links between biodiversity loss and climate change. They are also studying how these crises impact society and human health and well-being.

This knowledge is being used to develop nature-based solutions that focus on nature's ability to solve challenges through ecosystem services.

Nature-based future solutions

By studying different stages of ageing and focusing on people in midlife, researchers at Lund University are developing proactive approaches for health care, social services and community planning. This will contribute to improved health and quality of life for future generations of older people.

Proactive ageing

Profile areas at LU

The university's five profile areas are based on internationally unique research expertise. Their interdisciplinary research aims to improve people's lives and solve global problems in ways that have not been possible before.

The areas collaborate with national and international experts, industry, the public sector and other societal actors. Their research is closely linked to existing education and training.