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Sustainable production

Jakob Johansson och Fredrik Schultheiss. Photo: Håkan Röjder.

We are developing new ideas within materials, manufacturing and recycling in close collaboration with industry. Our aim is to find solutions that are both environmentally friendly and make companies more competitive.

Industry consumes about a third of Sweden’s energy, and much of the environmental impact of our consumption comes from materials used in consumer products such as tools, household appliances and car parts. However, resource-efficient manufacturing is equally important if we want to make our products more sustainable. 

Unique production research

Our research at Lund University aims to support the manufacturing industry in becoming more resource-efficient, enabling it to transition to a more thoughtful, long-term and sustainable production.

What distinguishes us is our focus and the way we integrate research in manufacturing processes, product development and production systems.

Our researchers in this area are studying, for example:

  • how various factors such as economics, product performance, environmental impact, manufacturing carbon footprint and the level of recycling determine whether a product is sustainable or not
  • sustainable manufacturing techniques for everyday products, such as various tools or car components.

For example, this could include the development of lead-free brass components, metal-based composite brake discs, and new cutting materials, as well as creating sustainable vegetable-based lubricants and energy-efficient heat treatment methods.

Researchers are also developing industrial monitoring systems, data collection methods and cost analyses that take sustainability into account.

Application areas

Researchers work closely with industry to develop new solutions that can address key sustainability challenges in industry and society. Research results are used to drive innovation in the following areas:

Researchers are developing sensor technologies, metrology, and signal processing with the aim to implement digital solutions in machining and corrosive environments. This contributes to the advancement of sustainable process and product development.

Researchers are improving our understanding and knowledge of the effects of trace elements from recycled materials in cast products. The aim is to support a more conscious and informed approach to the use of materials.

Researchers focus on upskilling activities to implement research results into practical applications in big data and machine learning, production systems and manufacturing technologies. The overarching goal is to promote sustainable and digital transformation in industry.

Research environments

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Strategic research area

Sustainable Production Initiative – SPI – is a strategic research area (SRA) in Sweden.

It develops world-leading knowledge and sustainable solutions for systems and technologies within the manufacturing industry.

The research area is led by Chalmers University in close collaboration with Lund University.

Christina Windmark
christina [dot] windmark [at] iprod [dot] lth [dot] se (christina[dot]windmark[at]iprod[dot]lth[dot]se)

Vice coordinator
Filip Lenrick
filip [dot] lenrick [at] iprod [dot] lth [dot] se (filip[dot]lenrick[at]iprod[dot]lth[dot]se)


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